31 Days….Big Fat Fail

1 Oct

The “31 Days to” series at thenester.com started back up today. If you recall, I started a great series last year on 31 Days to Sell Your Home. Coincidentally, we found out we would be moving to Nashville while I was in the midst of the series. Sadly I never finished because I got so busy with work and relocation L Big fat fail. I do enjoy checking out what everyone is writing about it (there are literally hundreds of them). Organizing and books seem pretty popular this year.
I have decided not to officially participate this year, knowing full well that with everything we have going on right now the odds are not good for me finishing the series, but I was thinking about what topic I would write about. What I came up with is 31 Days of Productivity. This is a purely personal, selfish topic to get myself motivated to knock something off my “to do” list every day. Some things are baby related, some are house related, and others just personal tasks. I’m thinking I will make a list of 31 things I need to do this month and knock at least one a day off. Despite how boring that will be to read about, I will try to blog about it and find something to make it at least a little interesting….I hope. Maybe it will get you motivated to check things off your list too.

So here is my list (possibly in order…possibly not…):

1. Paintings for Family Room
2. Find Pediatrician (avoid OBGYN bad list for not doing my homework)
3. Decorate house for fall
4. Work on baby registry
5. Call tile guy to tile laundry room counter
6. Work on board and batten in nursery
7. Attach buttons to new headboard
8. Organize craft closet (holy cow)
9. Find a maternity/newborn photographer
10. Help my sister with the baby shower decorations
11. Get a flu shot L
12. Prepare binder for hospital/insurance/baby paperwork
13. Find fabric for nursery curtains
14. Order rug for nursery
15. Finish trim work in master bathroom
16. Change out flower box to mums
17. Call painters to finish painting master bathroom
18. Order “wedding” photos
19. Find curtain rod for nursery
20. Order/make thank you notes
21. Write thank you notes for gifts received
22. Find dresser for nursery (paint if necessary)
23. Paint blue table in gray room
24. Purchase post-partum recovery items
25. Organize the pantry (yikes)
26. Pre-register at hospital
27. Register for birthing class and breastfeeding class (oh boy)
28. Find a dress for baby shower
29. Make name banner for nursery
30. Make keepsake card ring for baby cards (a la Pinterest)
31. Relax in a warm bubble bath and revel in all your productivity for the month

Now that I see this list, I’m exhausted and having serious doubts I’ll be able to do all this in a month. Here’s hoping!

P.S.- If I do more than 1 of these items in a day, should I add to the end of the list? Hmm. I wouldn’t want to be an overachiever.


One Response to “31 Days….Big Fat Fail”

  1. Stacy October 1, 2012 at 1:04 PM #

    You ARE an overachiever my dear sister. This is impressive! I wish I could be half as productive! Love u!

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