Week 24

1 Oct

Baby Size: 9.2” (crown to rump) and 2 lbs!

Weight Gain- I have no idea because I haven’t weighed this week, but I feel like I probably gained again.

Sleep: Mostly good. I am still waking up really sore and stiff, but it isn’t keeping me awake at night.

Maternity Clothes- I bought a few new items this weekend (I know I said I wouldn’t) because I had “Bump Bucks” from A Pea in the Pod to spend. Unfortunately you had to spend money to use them. I got some leggings, undershirts, and a couple new tops for fall/winter.

Aversions/Cravings- No aversions. I have been craving more sweet stuff this week. I satisfied my cravings for hot chocolate and Auntie Anns cinnamon sugar pretzel last week, but am still really into sweet things. My appetite slowed down a bit this weekend and last night I couldn’t even eat my dinner.

Symptoms- I’m still suffering with awful side and back pain (all on the upper right). Sometimes it is unbearable and makes it difficult to walk around. I didn’t mention this last week, but I am still having heartburn pretty regularly. It is not as bad as it was earlier in pregnancy and one Tums will usually take care of it. I had a bit of swelling in my feet and ankles a couple days this week out of the blue. There have been a few other things but they are probably TMI J

Doctor Appointments: I go back to the doctor next week! This week I went to the dentist for a cleaning and have to go back to get a filling on a chipped tooth. I bought some calcium supplements to hopefully help keep my teeth strong.

Movement: I just thought I had lots of movement before. He is moving so much now (or rather I am feeling it so much now). It is such a weird and amazing feeling (even if it is sometimes a little uncomfortable/annoying when I’m trying to sleep). I can’t seem to stop touching my belly and watching my belly when he is moving around. I always wondered why pregnancy women were always touching their bellies and now I know….there is strange stuff happening in there!

Best Moment of the Week: Jason finally felt Liam moving around! He felt 3 kicks and that was enough for him. Ha!

What I Am Looking Forward To: We are going to work on the board and batten treatment for the nursery this coming weekend and hopefully that will go smoothly!

What I Miss: Same again- being comfortable and not in pain.

We started the baby registry on Sunday. It was…..overwhelming. I think we both left the store feeling freaked out by all the things we need and really knowing that this baby is coming. You would think by this point that it would have really sunk in, but it hasn’t. I’m thinking it doesn’t for any first time parents until the baby is actually here. This whole caring for another human thing really is a lot to take in, no matter how happy you are about having a baby. The registry process itself is difficult because there are so many options and it is so difficult to know what is best for your baby (since all babies are different). Thank goodness they have a good return policy! I think our favorite item that we picked out is the stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini).


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