31 Days of Productivity- Day 2

3 Oct

Well yesterday wasn’t nearly as productive as Monday. I blame it on the fact that it was cold outside. All I wanted to do when I got home was curl up under a blanket. I love this cooling trend! We had our first bowl of chili for the cold season for dinner. It was so good (I think we will have enough for leftovers tonight)! As far as the list goes, I worked on the baby registry and I think it is about done, so I can scratch that off!

I was watching Guiliana and Bill before Jason got home and it cracked me up and comforted me. They were registering for their baby and it reminded me so much of us. They didn’t know what they needed or what anything was for. They walked out of the store very overwhelmed! Jason and I had the exact same experience and I’m now thinking it is common for first time parents. We went to Babies R Us on Sunday. Jason had never been in to the store and could not believe how big it was and that it was full of all baby things. We walked around with our little gun trying to focus on things we really needed. There were many things we picked up and wondered what the heck it was for. We ended up registering for 6 different thermometers because we didn’t know which one was best (I’ve since read reviews and narrowed it down to two…). We spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get the car seat out of the base. We tried every knob and lever as we laughed at ourselves. Once we found the right button (oddly it is in the very back which does not seem convenient at all) we high fived. Figuring out how to collapse the stroller was equally as comical. I finally got the directions out (so nice they leave those attached to the floor models) to guide us (and the sad part is it was really really simple). By the end, Jason was freaked out by the sheer number of things that will be cluttering up the house and I was just generally scared to death of the unknown to come. It was definitely eye opening for us as we realized we have no clue what we are doing or how to take care of a baby (I feel this will be much more difficult than caring for the girls….can babies just use a puppy pad?). Thankfully we still have 3 months to learn the basics…and then we’ll spend the rest of our lives figuring out the rest.

1. Paintings for Family Room
2. Find Pediatrician (avoid OBGYN bad list for not doing my homework)
3. Decorate house for fall
4. Work on baby registry COMPLETE
5. Call tile guy to tile laundry room counter
6. Work on board and batten in nursery
7. Attach buttons to new headboard COMPLETE
8. Organize craft closet (holy cow)
9. Find a maternity/newborn photographer
10. Help my sister with the baby shower decorations
11. Get a flu shot L
12. Prepare binder for hospital/insurance/baby paperwork
13. Find fabric for nursery curtains
14. Order rug for nursery
15. Finish trim work in master bathroom
16. Change out flower box to mums
17. Call painters to finish painting master bathroom
18. Order “wedding” photos
19. Find curtain rod for nursery
20. Order/make thank you notes
21. Write thank you notes for gifts received
22. Find dresser for nursery (paint if necessary)
23. Paint blue table in gray room
24. Purchase post-partum recovery items
25. Organize the pantry (yikes)
26. Pre-register at hospital
27. Register for birthing class and breastfeeding class (oh boy)
28. Find a dress for baby shower
29. Make name banner for nursery
30. Make keepsake card ring for baby cards (a la Pinterest)
31. Hang curtains in “gray” room
32. Pick up and assemble crib
33. Relax in a warm bubble bath and revel in all your productivity for the month


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