Week 25

8 Oct

Baby Size: 15” (size of a cucumber) and 2.2 lbs

Weight Gain: Well I finally got on the scale and almost hit the floor. I’m up 18 lbs. How is that possible when the baby only weighs 2 lbs?! I hope I’ve just gone through a growth spurt and will hold at 18 for a week or two. I need to get a picture this week. We have been terrible about
taking photos! I’m quite a “shower” to say the least. I’ve got quite a belly on me for this point in pregnancy, but I’ve learned that everyone carries differently and there really is no “norm” for what a belly should look like during pregnancy. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot control how I carry this baby and if it is straight out in front, it just is.

Sleep: I slept great this week. I think my “productivity” level is leaving me exhausted by the end of the day, which is greatly helping my sleep. I’m definitely having lots of vivid dreams every night. One night I woke Jason up screaming because there were bugs (caterpillars, walking sticks, and worms) in my bed (in my dream) and I was trying to kill them before they got to the dogs. Last night I had my first delivery dream. I guess I had an epidural because I didn’t feel a thing.

Maternity Clothes: Yep still wearing them all.

Aversions/Cravings. No aversions. I’ve been craving chocolate this week. I love chocolate normally (don’t get me wrong), but it isn’t usually something I crave. I’m also still craving soda and sweets and not doing as good of a job as I should be at ignoring that cravings.

Symptoms: You can probably guess- horrible side and back pain. It has become “normal” at this point because it has been ongoing for weeks now. It is definitely getting harder to get up and down, put on shoes, shave legs, etc. Jason gets quite a kick out of watching me “whale” around as he called it (I’m not sure if that was a Freudian slip or if he didn’t realize the saying was “flail around” but either way it was fitting to say “whale” given me present size). He does give me a push or pull after a few seconds though. I still have heartburn most every day.

Doctor Appointments: Coming up on the 10th! I’m excited to see how baby Liam is doing. I’m not so excited about the flu shot or glucose test.

Movement: He is quite the mover and shaker. He was a little quiet on Saturday but I think it was because I was so active. I’m starting to be able to feel “shape” to the pressure on my belly to the point that I can tell if it is a head/butt (big ball) or a foot/hand (small ball).

Best Moment of the Week: Making some serious nursery progress and getting the crib put together! It is starting to look like a baby’s room now! I also had a very sweet girl come up to me at Lowe’s and tell me how beautiful my belly was and how adorable I looked. It really made me day (especially since I had weighed earlier that morning).

What I Am Looking Forward To: Hearing baby’s heartbeat again at the doctor’s office this week and Friday (just in general because that means the work week is over).

What I Miss: Being comfortable and that is about it!


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