31 Days- days 12-14

15 Oct

We are once again exhausted from our weekend of productivity! We got a lot of things accomplished and it felt great!

First, I pre-registered for the hospital! My doctor told me to go ahead and get this done, so I did. It didn’t take long at all. I have no idea what the pre-registration does, but it is complete!

We also finished the board and batten this weekend. We probably spent 3 hours caulking and sanding everything (this was by far the worst part of the project). Then we painted two coats which also took about 3 hours. It looks wonderful and we could not be happier with the results! It was definitely a labor of love! We still have some work to do to get this room completed, but we are in a waiting mode until we get all the bedding in and find a dresser! I spent some time playing with his clothes in his closet (which was a total waste of time since it is all going to be taken off the hangers and washed). We found the closet organizers we used in our old master closet in AR and are going to use those in Liam’s closet. His tiny little shoes look so cute in the shoe holder.

We also got the tile counter over the washer and dryer finished! Yay! It looks really good and now I can finally make that room pretty!

Another project we finished was cleaning out the craft closet. It has been a disaster area since we moved in. I still need to go through my plastic bins of supplies and organize them, but that may or may not happen.

The last item I completed was a book for Liam’s baby cards. I saw this idea on Pinterest to punch a hole in the cards and use a ring to hold all the cards from an event and thought it was such a good idea. I cannot bring myself to throw cards away because I love to go back and read them later, so this is perfect for me. I made one for our baby cards (we have 3 already!), one for my birthday cards (so far I only have my 30th bday cards…I’ve got to find what I did with the rest), and our anniversary cards (2nd and 3rd years). I do need to make cute covers for the books still, but the organizing part is finished!

The list is starting to dwindle a bit and we are feeling really good about our progress (14 things in 14 days)! This 31 Days of Productivity has been so awesome for keeping me accountable and motivated. Maybe I should keep it up for November too! And December for that matter! I’ve already got Christmas décor on the brain big time (even though our fall décor has only been out for a week). We are hosting our first Christmas ever this year. It will also be the first time my family has been away from Sheridan for Christmas, so I really want to make it something special. I guess I should start writing down a list of everything I want to do before I forget (this pregnancy brain thing is no joke). But for now, I need to focus on a few other things!

1. Paintings for Family Room (1 down, 2 to go)
2. Find Pediatrician (avoid OBGYN bad list for not doing my homework) COMPLETE
3. Decorate house for fall COMPLETE
4. Work on baby registry -COMPLETE
5. Call tile guy to tile laundry room counter- COMPLETE
6. Work on board and batten in nursery COMPLETE
7. Attach buttons to new headboard- COMPLETE
8. Organize craft closet (holy cow) COMPLETE
9. Find a maternity/newborn photographer
10. Help my sister with the baby shower decorations
11. Get a flu shot (sad face) COMPLETE
12. Prepare binder for hospital/insurance/baby paperwork
13. Find fabric for nursery curtains
14. Order rug for nursery
15. Finish trim work in master bathroom COMPLETE
16. Change out flower box to mums
17. Call painters to finish painting master bathroom COMPLETE
18. Order “wedding” photos
19. Find curtain rod for nursery
20. Order/make thank you notes
21. Write thank you notes for gifts received
22. Find dresser for nursery (paint if necessary)
23. Paint blue table in gray room
24. Purchase post-partum recovery items
25. Organize the pantry (yikes)
26. Pre-register at hospital COMPLETE
27. Register for birthing class and breastfeeding class (oh boy)
28. Find a dress for baby shower
29. Make name banner for nursery
30. Make keepsake card ring for baby cards (a la Pinterest) COMPLETE
31. Hang curtains in “gray” room
32. Pick up and assemble crib COMPLETE
33. Order nursery bedding COMPLETE
34. Relax in a warm bubble bath and revel in all your productivity for the month


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