Week 26

15 Oct

Baby Size: Well, baby should be about 2.2 lbs for week 26, but we know Liam is measuring 2 lbs 6 oz!

Weight Gain: 18 lbs! I cannot believe I have gained 18 lbs already! Of course, after hearing the tech tell me how much fluid I have and hearing that the baby is a week ahead, I feel slightly better (slightly). So far, the
majority of the weight is in my belly thankfully. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Sleep: I slept great this week! I have been going to bed exhausted and sleeping soundly. I have had to make a few night time bathroom trips, but those don’t even phase me.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely. I did sport my non-maternity Cardinals shirt yesterday. It was a little short, but oh well.

Wedding Rings (new): On but they are tighter than usual most of the time.

Aversions/Cravings: I can’t really think of anything this week. Oh wait, I think there was a craving for a candy bar earlier in the week.

Symptoms: The usual (and sometimes excruciating) pain in my ribs and upper back on the right side. Big oh belly. Starting to see some swelling in my ankles if I am up a lot during the day, but it isn’t too bad. Heartburn. Peeing all the time!

Doctor Appointments: I had my check up this week along with the glucose test. The orange glucose drink wasn’t so bad (at least at first). My belly (aka fundal height) was measuring about 4 weeks ahead of schedule (told you it was big) so my doc decided to do a growth scan to check on baby boy’s size. She also ordered an ultrasound to check my organs on the upper right since I have been having so much pain there. Thankfully both ultrasounds came back fine. Liam is measuring a full week ahead of schedule and is above average on weight. I am still waiting for the results of the glucose test. The next appointment is not until November. After the next appointment, I start going every 2 weeks!

Movement: Rocking and rolling in there! Jason noticed my belly moving when we were driving to get lunch one day and could not believe how hard he was kicking! I think he got the hiccups again last night and seemed to be very agitated by them (he started squirming around like crazy), but once they stopped he settled right in.

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing that baby is looking great for sure! I also had a few strangers come up to me on Friday night and tell me what a cute prego I am…made my day! Sometimes people can be so nice! We also went to the Vandy v. FL game on Saturday (completely on a whim because our neighbor called and had some tickets) and it was a lot of fun! We had fantastic seats and it was a close game. Oh and a bird pooped right on my belly when we were walking to the game. Seriously it wouldn’t have hit me if it were not for the belly! We laughed so hard. Supposedly it is good luck to get pooped on by a bird so Liam got some good luck! You can’t see it much in this pic, but it is below my finger!

What I am Looking Forward To: We are going to our first pediatrician consultation this week so that should be interesting and overwhelming! Also, my sister is throwing me a baby shower in a few weeks and I am getting very excited to see all our friends and family!

What I Miss: Not hurting all the time!


One Response to “Week 26”

  1. Mrs. Marla October 15, 2012 at 6:40 PM #

    You are so cute, I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks! Love the three of you!

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