Week 27

22 Oct

Baby Size: 17” and 2.9 lbs. I assume Liam is getting very close to 3 lbs at this point! It is crazy to think he is getting close to the length he will be at birth. Now he just needs to put on some adorable baby rolls!

Weight Gain: Officially reached 20 lbs. I can’t believe it! Sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve gained 20 lbs and other times I definitely feel it! I’ve only got 11-12 weeks to go, so if I can keep it at 1 lb per week, I’ll be ok.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, but I am waking up more and more often to go to potty. I am also getting very vivid dreams that will wake me up. Last night was the first time I’ve felt the baby moving during the night. I don’t know if he woke me up or if I woke up for some other reason, but he was kicking like crazy. It didn’t keep me up for long though because I was so tired!

Maternity Clothes: Yes of course! I took a couple things back to A Pea in the Pod on Saturday and Jason found two cute shirts on sale! I’ve already worn one of them twice because it is so comfy. The other is more of a lounge shirt and is so soft. I also got a new undershirt and leggings at Target that I really like.

Wedding Rings: On! But they are leaving a mark some days.

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. Still loving my sweets. In general, I’ve noticed I am a bit more hungry than I have been, but not having any strong cravings for anything in particular.

Symptoms: The heartburn has kicked into overdrive this week! I was feeling it nearly all day, every day this week. Tums is officially my best friend and I am going through it quickly. Still having my side and back pains. A couple of days this week I had some swelling in my feet/ankles, but it went away as soon as I laid down for a few minutes. My bladder seems to take the brunt of the baby pressure and that can get pretty interesting at times (that’s all I have to say about that). My skin has been a bit itchy this week in certain spots, but nothing too awful. Overall, I feel really great.

Doctor Appointments: My next doctor appointment is Nov. 7th. I did hear back from my glucose test this week and I passed! Yay! My level was 116 and above a 135 requires more testing. Thank goodness! I think we have decided against an elective ultrasound (would rather put the money toward newborn photos).

Movements: For the most part his really strong, shake my whole belly, go crazy kicks have slowed down. I can still feel lots of movement most of the day, it just isn’t quite as strong as it was, which is normal as he gets bigger and there is less room to bounce around. I think feeling him move around in there, knowing that is a baby making my belly roll, is the craziest part of pregnancy. It is hard to comprehend.

Best Moment of the Week: Passing the glucose test! I was starting to worry a little since he is above average on weight that maybe I had developed gestational diabetes (large babies are a symptom), so it was a relief to know that I was OK.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Seeing my sister and our close friends and family in a couple of weeks!!!!

What I Miss: High heels. I gave them up a couple of weeks ago because I noticed my feet were swelling more when I wore heels. I just stared longingly at my beautiful shoes in my closet today and then noticed a lady with a gorgeous pair of black leather booties this morning and realized how much I miss my heels!

I can’t believe that we are only 12 weeks away from meeting our little man! We are definitely nowhere near ready, but we are getting so excited to see him and cuddle him!


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