Baby Bargain!

24 Oct

Did I get anything on my list done yesterday? Nope. Did I have the most awesome day anyway? Yep!

I had about 20 minutes left at lunch and finally decided to go into this store by my office. It is a bargain store. I had thought about going in many times, but never had. I walked through the home section and it
was mostly junk and I was disappointed. I continued my way to the baby area and my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. They had all kinds of car seats and strollers, in boxes, for ridiculous discounts! Two of the strollers that we had looked at online but decided against due to cost were sitting there waiting on me. Of course, I wasn’t sure if maybe they would be in bad shape or missing parts, but once I saw there was a 30 day return policy, I was sold. I went back to work to research the strollers some more. I could not wait to get back to the store. I ended up buying 2 different strollers to check out at home- the Uppa Baby Vista and the Britax B Ready. We opened the Uppa Baby first. The boxes had never been opened! Everything was still wrapped in plastic from the factory with all the instructions and such. It was untouched and amazing. I got the stroller for $300 less than it retails for and it was perfect!! Britax, which I got for $200 less than it retails for, was not still in all the wrappers and did not have the instructions, but it was super easy to put together (especially since we put the other together first) and everything works perfectly. We did decide on the Uppa Baby over the Britax (the Vista has a few more features and isn’t quite as wide). I also purchased a Britax Chaperone infant car seat for $89 (retails for around $180) that had never been opened. We are going to return it though because it isn’t compatible with the Uppa Baby- BOO. The guy barely got all of this stuff in my car! Oh, by the way, in addition to the already great price, they have a markdown system based on the date it entered the store, so if something has an older date on it, you get a percentage off! I got 10%, 20% and 30% off most of the things I purchased! I’m in love with this store. Guess who is going back at lunch today?? I’m going to get the travel bag they had for the Uppa and maybe the extra seat cover too. I went ahead and purchased the snack tray they had for it yesterday. They can expect to see me regularly from now on…I think I’m obsessed. I found a couple other things to get as well, but they had quite a few of them and were new so I’ll be keeping my eye on them to hopefully get a discount in a couple weeks! LOL!

Here it is with the normal seat!

And with the bassinet!

FYI, outside of the baby stuff and some sports equipment, I didn’t see anything else of great value. It would be awesome if the home section was as well stocked with high-end items as the baby section. But, I’ll take what I can get!


One Response to “Baby Bargain!”

  1. Vivian December 10, 2012 at 8:04 PM #

    OHMYGOSH!!! WHERE is this discount store? Eek! AMAZING finds! Esp because the UBV you got is the newer model (all black Jake) not the silver one either! I’m so excited for my UBV to arrive this week. And I thought I got a good Cyber Monday deal (but not as good as you did on your find!)

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