Day 24

25 Oct

So yesterday (for Day 23) I posted that I did nothing but bargain hunt! I mentioned I was going back to the store to look for more bargains, and I found some good ones. I purchased another car seat (a brand new Graco Snugride 30- never opened), two accessories for the Vista (travel bag and extra seat cover), and….another stroller for a ridiculous deal ($300 baby jogger FIT for…drum roll please….$21!!!!). I don’t even know that we need a jogging stroller, but for $21, I’d be crazy to pass it up. We put it together late last night and it works great. We will sell it if we don’t use it. Needless to say, it looks like Babies R Us in our house because I haven’t returned anything yet! I added up all my purchases versus the retail price yesterday (even though I’m not keeping everything…I was just curious) and I have saved over $1100! Crazy!

I made another bargain purchase yesterday too- dressers! We have been hunting for a dresser on Craigslist to paint for the nursery. We’ve found several that we liked, but they were always gone by the time we called about them. Well I found a set of 2 dressers for $200 and immediately called (texted rather). We went to check them out yesterday and they were in great condition so we decided to get them (they were not in as great of condition by the time we got them home (got some scratches), but poor Jason was having to deal with them on his own in a rented home depot truck, so everything considered, it is OK). What seemed like a simple task of looking at a dresser and picking it up turned into a 3.5 hour fiasco of us driving all around Nashville go change clothes (Jason didn’t want to move them in his dress clothes), find a truck to rent, pick up a dolly, etc. The guy had purchased them on Saturday (off Craigslist) but they didn’t work in his space. We decided that worst case scenario was we end up not liking them and sell them too, since clearly there is a high demand for dressers in this area!

I don’t have a good photo yet, but I’ll take some (these are the craigslist photos). They are old (maybe 1950s?) Basset brand (the logo is on the inside), but have very clean lines. They have the original brass hardware (not shiny brass), which I really like (but I may change it out to silver after we get it painted and in the room). There is a highboy and a lowboy. They are on the smaller side, which I think is probably good since it is for a kids room. The lowboy is a little lower than I would have hoped since we are using it as a changing table too, but I think it will be ok. Besides, it means my nose is further from the stinky diapers! Ha! We will start working on them this weekend I guess. I’m going to mark it off my list even though we haven’t painted it yet because the hardest part was finding it!

We are STILL waiting on the baby bedding to come in. I called yesterday and now they are saying Nov. 2nd (was originally Oct. 21), so I may not make any progress on curtains or a rug until November. UGH! There are 13 things left on my list and only 7 days left in the month! YIKES! I don’t see any break in the near future for my poor swelling ankles (and I don’t see me getting all this done….). Last night I was almost convinced I had sprained my ankles, while Jason tried to convince me that my ankles always look like that. Isn’t he sweet? :)

1. Paintings for Family Room (1 down, 2 to go)
2. Find Pediatrician (avoid OBGYN bad list for not doing my homework) COMPLETE
3. Decorate house for fall COMPLETE
4. Work on baby registry -COMPLETE
5. Call tile guy to tile laundry room counter- COMPLETE
6. Work on board and batten in nursery COMPLETE
7. Attach buttons to new headboard- COMPLETE
8. Organize craft closet (holy cow) COMPLETE
9. Find a maternity/newborn photographer
10. Help my sister with the baby shower decorations (working on it)
11. Get a flu shot (sad face) COMPLETE
12. Prepare binder for hospital/insurance/baby paperwork
13. Find fabric for nursery curtains
14. Order rug for nursery
15. Finish trim work in master bathroom COMPLETE
16. Change out flower box to mums COMPLETE
17. Call painters to finish painting master bathroom COMPLETE
18. Order “wedding” photos COMPLETE
19. Find curtain rod for nursery
20. Order/make thank you notes COMPLETE
21. Write thank you notes for gifts received
22. Find dresser for nursery (paint if necessary) COMPLETE
23. Paint blue table in gray room
24. Purchase post-partum recovery items (PARTIALLY COMPLETE)
25. Organize the pantry (yikes)
26. Pre-register at hospital COMPLETE
27. Register for birthing class and breastfeeding class (oh boy) COMPLETE
28. Find a dress for baby shower
29. Make name banner for nursery
30. Make keepsake card ring for baby cards (a la Pinterest) COMPLETE
31. Hang curtains in “gray” room COMPLETE
32. Pick up and assemble crib COMPLETE
33. Order nursery bedding COMPLETE
34. Relax in a warm bubble bath and revel in all your productivity for the month


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