2 Nov

Sorry for my total absence lately. I blame being busy while at the same time not having much to talk about. I’ve been consumed with the car buying process and am totally OVER it. I’m getting close to giving up and just keeping my car.

Anyway, I simply cannot believe it is November already. October went by in a flash. November is
going to be crazy and will go by even faster as we have plans every single weekend. We have a little party tonight to celebrate baby Liam with some Nashville friends (there aren’t many). I think we are going to Atlanta tomorrow for more car shopping (lots more inventory there) and to get away. Next week I have a doctor appointment, our glider is being delivered, a big football game, and I get to see my sis and all my closest friends and family. Super exciting week! The following weekend we have our birthing class all day Saturday and Sunday (I’m a little nervous about what this will entail). Then the next week is Thanksgiving! Somewhere during all of that we need to finish the nursery and I want to start dragging out the Christmas décor! We always wait until after Thanksgiving and then we don’t get to enjoy it very long. Plus, I am sure I will be a bit slower this year at getting everything ready. We both want to put up both Christmas trees, but Jason is worried about having to take it down by himself (which he doesn’t want to do). He thinks I’m not going to feel like taking décor down after the holidays since I’ll be 2 weeks away from my due date. I digress. We don’t have a lot of plans in December until Christmas except baby preparation (reading those baby books) and Christmas preparation (shopping, wrapping, decorating, cleaning, etc), which I am sure will keep us extremely busy. And then, Liam will be here. It seems like just last month I was breaking the news to Jason that we were having a baby and I saw that little teddy bear of a baby on the screen at the doctor’s office. It is hard for us to believe that we will have a baby living with us very very soon. There is still SO much to do and learn. I can’t think about it too long though or I get totally overwhelmed by it all. I’ve been driving around with his car seat in my car (we were using it while car shopping to see how it fit in different cars) and it kinda freaks me out when I look back there and see it. It definitely doesn’t feel normal to have a baby seat in my car!

Speaking of the nursery, we have made zero progress since finishing the board and batten. We are getting the glider this week and we need to get the dressers painted (we will start that on Sunday). I’m really thinking we need to paint the gray walls blue. How much gray is too much gray? Gray walls, gray chair, and two gray dressers seems excessive (even for someone who loves gray as much as I do). So, I’m thinking the walls go blue. And the rug on the floor will be blue and white stripe. That should tie it together. I have no idea what we are using for curtains yet. Geeze. I just don’t feel like it is coming together at all. Not a happy camper about this nursery. I may need intervention. It would also help if RH would send my dang order. Argh.

Well, all that said, I better get busy stat. I didn’t even mention half the things I need to do. Oy! Another reason the car shopping must end soon. It has taken up far too much time. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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