29 weeks!

5 Nov

Only 10 weeks left! Almost to the single digits!

Baby Size: 18 in and 3.2 lbs

Weight Gain: 22 lbs. Oh my word. It is piling on. I have not been good about exercising at all and lately have been so busy that we haven’t been eating well. I’m going to try to get up and go for walks in the morning now that
it is lighter out and force myself to go to the grocery store! I also want to bring my lunch at least 3 days a week. There aren’t many healthy options around my office, so I need to do that. Gotta keep this in check before it spirals out of control and I have even more “work” to do post-pregnancy to get back in shape!

Sleep: For the most part, I’m still sleeping well. I had one really bad night where the worst heartburn imaginable (after a Pepcid and lots of tums), horrible headache, and leg cramps kept me up all night. I hope that was a “you overdid it today and you are paying for it tonight” thing and not a “this is your life for the next 10 weeks” thing.

Maternity Clothes: Duh. Still haven’t found a dress for this weekend.

Wedding Rings: On but some days they are really tight.

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. I started drinking OJ with Calcium and Vitamin D a few weeks ago and when I run out, all I can think of is how I wish I had some OJ. I also had a craving for Chick-Fil-A Ice Dream early in the week (luckily it is low fat). Jason reminded me that I am always up for French fries, especially if someone mentions them. No wonder I’ve gained 22 lbs!

Symptoms: My heartburn is back with fury. It doesn’t seem to matter what I take, it will only help for a short period. This is the worst thing going on right now. My back is starting to ache more and more. I was trying to do some crafts last night sitting on the floor and it was killing me. The bottom of my feet are hurting a lot too. I may need to get some comfy innersoles for my boots. My feet, ankles and calves are swelling pretty regularly, but it isn’t painful (yet). In fact, I don’t even know they are swollen until I take off my shoes/socks/pants. I’ve got 2 itchy spots on my skin (one on my chest and one on my belly). I try to put lotion on when it is bothering me. It is weird how it is localized to these two spots.

Doctor Appointments: Going in on Wednesday for a check up! Fingers crossed that everything is looking/measuring normal this time. The last check up was too stressful! After this, I start going every other week!!!

Movements: My belly is rocking and rolling. It is so bizarre to watch my belly contort in different shapes and patterns. Sometimes he gets going so much that it actually makes me nauseated (think your stomach being on a rollercoaster). As I noted last week, sometimes his movements are really starting to hurt, either because he is pushing so hard on my skin or he is shoving on organs (sometimes I cant help but say “OW” out loud because the pain startles me). Without a doubt, feeling a baby moving around inside of you has got to be the weirdest, yet most incredible part of pregnancy. It is hard to believe that there is an infant in there. Jason is getting kicked on the rare occasion that we actually cuddle on the couch (not as much room for us both to lay on the couch with my belly and two dogs) and he can see my belly rolling around from across the room or when we are in the car. The girls will sometimes cuddle up on my belly and they always get kicked, but they don’t seem to notice or care much.

Best Moment of the Week: I have two! Our friends Charlie and Lydia had a little party on Friday night to celebrate the baby. It was so much fun. She cooked an all vegetarian fare and it was incredible! She is such a great cook. Everyone brought children’s books for Liam and it was neat to watch everyone’s reactions as I opened the books. Each person had such an emotional response to remembering reading the books when they were little and/or to their own children. It was very special! The second was that we got our new car! It is beautiful, incredibly safe, and will give us room to haul around all the baby gear and dog gear that we need.

What I Miss: I miss my high heels. We were walking through Nordstrom and I couldn’t even look at all the beautiful shoes because it was so painful to know I can’t wear them. I also miss not having pain and heartburn.

What I am Looking Forward To: So many great things this week!! The glider is delivered, seeing my sister, baby shower, visiting with friends and family, etc! I’m so excited about this week that I can hardly concentrate on anything!


One Response to “29 weeks!”

  1. Melissa November 5, 2012 at 8:00 AM #

    Well, what vehicle did you decide on?! I’m dying to know!

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