30 weeks

12 Nov

This week has been by far the most tumultuous during the pregnancy (hopefully it stays that way). It has been filled with great highs and the lowest of lows. I came down with my first illness (some sort of flu/cold/sinus infection type of sickness) since being pregnant on Wednesday and continue to suffer through as of today. It has made me feel pretty awful, but I tried to struggle through as much as possible without too much complaining. My sister and I were reunited and got to spend the weekend together while she threw me the most beautiful baby shower, which was attended by our family members and very close friends. She and my mom put so much thought into every little detail and it was just perfect! She is struggling through a very painful knee procedure and recovery and hobbled around all day Friday and Saturday just to get everything ready. We were quite a pair with my sickness and her giant knee brace!

I was able to visit with my grandparents before we left town on Sunday and I am so glad that they got to see this growing belly. I could tell they are very excited about the great grandson. We drove back to Nashville (completely loaded down…as in things fell out of every door if you opened it) and got to see our dear friends from Scottsdale for a little bit (they are in the process of moving to Nashville and I could not be more excited about it). I discovered that my purse was missing and after a search of our place and my Mom’s house, my Mom found it sitting outside in the rain (it had been raining for 6 hours). Apparently Jason sat it down to put something in the car and forgot to pick it back up. Oopsie. I wasn’t upset as it is just stuff and it is all replaceable. I was most concerned about my camera as it is new and a really great camera (not my DSLR, just a nice Canon point and shoot), but so far, it seems to be OK.

Sadly, early on the morning of my shower, Jason’s Uncle Don passed away suddenly. It has been devastating for the entire family. Despite the sadness, several of his family members attended the shower that afternoon. Their strength, support and deep love for each other amazes me. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this special family and even more blessed that Liam will have these incredible people as his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Somehow, despite the stress of getting everything ready for the shower, feeling pretty awful, and losing a family member, I managed to hold it all together. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t have at least one mental break down over the weekend (other than when we first found out about Uncle Don) with all these pregnancy hormones making me even more emotional than usual. Unfortunately, it all hit me when I was walking down the hall at work today. The gravity of it all just overwhelmed me in an instant.

That pretty much sums up the week- so here are the stats.

Baby Size: Apparently not much change here- 18” and 3.2 lbs.

Weight Gain: 24 lbs. My doc told me I need to start watching my carbs and sugars (I had been watching them as the went into my mouth). It wasn’t until the last 2 weeks that I’ve noticed the weight going places other than my belly, so now I know it is time to crack down. Of course, I indulged in lots of sweets over the weekend (I’m a sucker for cupcakes). I’m really not eating any more than normal, but she said my metabolism has probably slowed down. Awesome.

Sleep: This was not my best week for sleep due to being sick. Either my throat was hurting, my nose was running or I just couldn’t get comfortable. Hopefully I can get caught up this week. It is amazing how bad a lack of sleep will make you feel. I guess I better get used to that though!

Maternity Clothes: I was able to find a dress for the shower early last week. It was a short, blue Rosie Pope dress (here is a pic of me in the dress). It wasn’t the best fit (I think it is made for taller people), but it was the best I could find. I really wanted something blue since it “matched” the shower theme and since I’m having a boy. Sadly, my feet were so swollen from setting up all morning that I had to wear my leopard flats and looked/felt pretty frumpy.

Wedding Rings: There were a couple days this week that I didn’t wear my rings. They would go on, but they were tight and uncomfortable. I think the sickness made me bloat more than usual.

Aversions/Cravings: Nothing this week. Too busy and sick to think about food much.

Symptoms: The heartburn/acid reflux is still a pretty big issue. I stocked up on the Tums refresher mints again (those things are great- they are just like a breath mint- thank you to Rachel for sharing the info about them). I am getting more and more swollen looking each day. My left ankle is pretty much permanently swollen. I elevated my feet on pillows all night long but it didn’t make much difference. The bottom of my heels are bruised from standing up so much on Saturday. I guess all the extra weight is just too much for my little feet. I’ve got to find some gel soles or some really squishy shoes soon. I can’t speak of energy levels since the sickness has definitely taken a toll this week.

Doctor Appointments: I had an appointment on Wednesday and all went well (except for my weight apparently). My belly is only a week ahead now (instead of 4 like last month), so that is good news. I start going every other week now and we scheduled out three appointments!

Movements: We have an active little boy. He kicked the doctor at my appointment! My sister got to see him (and feel him) moving around in my belly and she was amazed (and a little freaked out) by it. As I mentioned last week, his kicks are becoming more uncomfortable as he hits my organs. My dad got to feel a few kicks at my shower as well!

Best Moment of the Week: There were so many great moments this week, but my favorite was watching my sister’s face when she felt Liam kick for the first time! It is such an incredible, unique feeling to have a baby moving around in your belly and I had been anxiously waiting for her to feel it too. Of course, spending time with most of my favorite people on the planet this weekend was awesome too (there were a few that could not be there due to other obligations or being out of state). I spent all day Saturday with Mrs. Marla and Courtney and it was so great to be around them! It brought back so many memories. I don’t know what we would have done without them (not just Saturday, but basically my whole life)! Hopefully we will get to see them more frequently now that we are living closer!

What I Miss: I can’t say I miss much of anything right now. Sure, I missed being able to wear heels at my shower (I tried and they lasted about 3 minutes), not feeling like a blimp, being able to carry things and bend over, etc., but it is hard to complain about such trivial things when it is caused by something so wonderful. Seeing how excited all our friends and family are about Liam’s arrival and knowing how loved this little boy is already, just makes me feel so so happy and I forget about all the “bad” stuff that comes with pregnancy.

What I am Looking Forward To: We have our birthing class this weekend. Not sure that I am “looking forward” to it, but I am ready to start preparing for this baby to arrive! Of course, Thanksgiving is next weekend and I am definitely looking forward to that because it means more time with friends and family, black Friday shopping (for Liam this year…and hopefully some Christmas presents too), and lots of food I shouldn’t be eating!!


One Response to “30 weeks”

  1. Stacy November 12, 2012 at 10:34 AM #

    You looked beautiful at the shower… You’re little basketball belly is amazing. It was such a cool experience to feel little Liam moving inside your belly! I Love you!

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