31 weeks

19 Nov

Baby Size: 19” and 4.5 lbs (the size of a honeydew melon)!! He is growing like a weed (and so am I)!

Weight Gain: 26 lbs. UGH! My weight is just keeps on moving. Probably due to all the left over shower cupcakes I ate. I promise, I’m really going to crack down on my eating.

Sleep: Well, this was the worse week of sleep yet I think. It wasn’t awful at all, but the size of my bladder must have shrunk this week because my nightly bathroom trips are up to 4-5! I’m also waking up really early on weekends (normal time for me to wake up on a weekday).

Maternity Clothes: I am actually getting very close to growing out of a couple of my maternity tops (in the belly). Boo. Otherwise, I’m wearing all maternity. I bought some maternity yoga pants from Old Navy and I really like them. The waist band can be folded down. I’m thinking these will be great for post-partum.

Wedding Rings: I had to skip the rings a couple of days this week! They would go on, but were tight and uncomfortable so I just left them at home. On days I do wear them, they leave marks on my fingers due to the swelling.

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. Still loving my sweets.

Symptoms: Heartburn is still hanging around. I take several Tums a day to try to combat it. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable in the belly region… feeling full and stretched all the time. The top of my stomach is completely numb (doc said it is normal). The bottom of my feet are really hurting on days when I am on the go. My belly button is still in, but the top half is sticking out some. My energy level is definitely starting to slow down from what it was a few weeks ago. Getting up and down/in and out of bed is becoming more and more difficult each day.

Doctor Appointments: I actually have a check up today and then one on December 5. I’m getting my TDAP shot today. Boo for shots.

Movements: Liam is moving around almost all the time now. There used to be quiet times, but not anymore. He is also getting the hiccups pretty regularly, which is good because it means he is practicing swallowing and breathing!

Best Moment of the Week: The past week was a rough one. We drove to Arkansas on Wednesday for a funeral and drove back on Thursday afternoon. This weekend we took 10 hours of birthing class/infant care. I think we actually enjoyed it a little. I loved hearing Jason’s funny commentary and exchanging wide-eyed looks with him during the scary parts. I think it made him even more excited and more “in touch” with everything that is happening, which makes me feel more comfortable and confident knowing I’ve got a great “coach.”

What I Miss: Being comfortable in my own body, being able to move around easily, etc.

What I am Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving is this week, which means lots of time with family. Sadly my sister and her husband won’t be joining us (they are spending Thanksgiving with his family), but we will see them soon for Christmas. We also have a shower on Sunday and I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone!


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