Week 32

26 Nov

I can’t believe we ONLY have 7 weeks left….and I also can’t believe we STILL have 7 more weeks left! That pretty much sums up exactly how I’m feeling right now! I am so glad to still be pregnant because baby needs to keep on growing and we have so much left to do before we are ready, but I am getting increasingly large and uncomfortable, to the point that I don’t know how I’m going to make it (physically) 7 more weeks!

Week 32 was another incredibly busy, yet wonderful week. I had a doctor appointment on Monday followed by dinner and ice cream with our good friends on Tuesday night and then headed to Arkansas on Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day in Fayetteville with Jason’s family. I actually participated in a little game of HORSE (I lost). On Friday we woke up and did a little Black Friday shopping with my Mom. We didn’t get to Little Rock until 9:30 so things were pretty tame at that point. Our big purchase was puppy pads- they were half off which saves $30 a box (we stocked up with 4 boxes). We also got some ribbon for Christmas presents, a few maternity shirts at Gap (used gift cards), and some Christmas décor at Pottery Barn (used gift cards). We also got a few baby things at the Toggery (adorable baby store in Little Rock). After shopping we ate a traditional Thanksgiving meal with my parents. On Saturday morning we met up with my BFF Courtney and her sweetheart of a husband to take some maternity/Christmas card photos! It was pretty chilly, but we powered through. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! After that we met up with Jason’s dad and his family for a pizza lunch. Sunday we went to church with Jason’s parents and then some wonderful ladies in Sheridan through us a baby shower! We got some adorable baby things and had a lovely time catching up with all my favorite Sheridanites! We left Arkansas at 5 pm and drove back to Nashville Sunday night.

Baby Size: 19-22” and 4.9 lb- WOW!

Weight Gain- I couldn’t bring myself to get on the scale this morning, but I’m sure I’ve gained a couple pounds.

Sleep: Slept pretty good this week! It was so busy that I went to bed exhausted every night. We stayed at my in-laws over the weekend and according to my husband I snored a lot while we were there! How awful! I have been so congested since early this month and it will not go away, so I think that is leading to the snoring. Thankfully he doesn’t mind it and is just glad I’m getting some sleep!

Maternity Clothes: I got a couple new t-shirts and some more leggings at Gap on Black Friday with a gift card. Some of my shirts, especially my Gap t-shirts, are getting pretty snug, so I went up a size to get me through delivery (hopefully).

Wedding Rings: I’m down to just my engagement ring (or nothing) 90% of the time. My wedding band is smaller and just isn’t comfortable.

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. This week I had a hot chocolate craving after seeing a box of cocoa at Walmart. I also had fruit cravings again (like my first trimester).

Symptoms: My heartburn wasn’t as bad this week…or maybe I am so used to it now that I don’t notice it as much. It is really getting hard to move around. Getting dressed, getting up and down out of a seat, putting on shoes, etc. is quite challenging and often leaves me short of breath (due to decreased lung capacity). My back and side are starting to hurt again. My hips and knees get super stiff if I sit for very long. My joints in my hips, knees, and back are starting to pop a lot due to the relaxin. I’m having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions again. I had them early on but they subsided quite a bit during the second trimester. Now I’m having them all day long, but they are not frequent enough to be of concern. It is just my body preparing for labor apparently. My feet/ankles are really swelling now on a daily basis. I got some UGG sweater boots that feel great so I will probably wear them every day until the baby is born. They don’t help the swelling, but at least they don’t hurt to wear. I’m not sure they are the most professional looking shoe for work, but oh well. Jason has really started getting more protective of me in the last week. I think the feet swelling thing really bothers him and he keeps making me sit down and prop them up. Let’s see…is there anything else I could possibly complain about?

Doctor Appointments: I had a doctor appointment on Monday and everything went fine. I got my TDAP shot (which protects against whooping cough) and my arm was sore for days! I’m measuring right on target now, which is great. My next appointment is not until Dec. 5th.

Movement: Liam’s movements have changed a lot over the last few weeks. He isn’t tumbling around anymore, but is really pushing out on my belly. He is moving a lot, but not as much as a couple of weeks ago. This is normal as the baby starts having less room to play around in there.

Best Moment of the Week: This whole holiday weekend was wonderful. The funniest moment of the week was when Jason’s 4 year old niece asked if I ate my baby because I told her there was a baby in my belly. It was pretty hilarious.

What I Miss: The usual- being comfortable, heels, feeling cute, etc. But I know it will ALL be worth it as soon as he is here!

What I am Looking Forward To: A month at home! We don’t have any more trips to Arkansas planned until Easter. We have burned I-40 up the last three weeks and I’m definitely ready to be home and get things completed! We need to finish the nursery, finish our Christmas décor, and get our bathroom painted (the last lingering house project) in the next couple of weeks so while there may not be a lot of rest, at least we will be at home! I know the girlies will be glad to get back in their routine too!


One Response to “Week 32”

  1. 1947pam November 26, 2012 at 4:58 PM #

    Your shower was so sweet. The friends of Joan and I are the BEST. It is hard to believe
    I have been in Sheridan 43 years. I have made a life time of friends.

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