No crying over spilled fruit

29 Nov

I have lost all ability to grasp things apparently. I’m constantly dropping whatever I pick up. Today I dropped a cup and a bowl of fruit in the cafeteria at work, which caused me to well up with tears (out of frustration). I read that this is a very common pregnancy symptom due to swollen fingers and flimsy joints. The worst thing I’ve dropped so far is a box of 150 tiny safety pins…that was fun to pick up with my sausage fingers (thankfully Courtney was there to help me pick them up). I think I should avoid picking up anything fragile or precious (I’ve noticed the girls don’t really seem too comfortable when I pick them up anymore…maybe because they see me dropping things all the time?). Could this explain why babies get dropped on their heads?

I’ve started counting down the days I have left at work. Assuming that I work until my due date (and excluding my time off for Christmas), I only have 26 days left after today! Woah! I added the countdown to my Outlook calendar to help get me through the really uncomfortable days at work. I’m due on a Sunday, so I think I will work through Wednesday of that week and take a long weekend. Of course, if I am late, then I will have wasted days off, but I think I deserve a few days at home before my whole world changes forever.

This week I’ve basically been confined to the couch after work. My feet/ankles have been so terribly swollen that Jason makes me lay on the couch with my feet propped up. My sister felt so bad for my feet that she sent me a gift card for a pedicure!! She really is the best sister ever…I’m so glad she is mine! I’m going to the maternity store today to get some compression socks that will hopefully help. Sitting at a desk is really bad for your circulation apparently.

I’ve seen lots of people posting on Facebook that they are finished with Christmas shopping. I have not bought a single gift yet! Worse, I don’t even have ideas for people yet. I wish people registered for Christmas- it would make things so much easier. Thankfully I have a list of things for Jason (family- let me know if you need ideas for him). I do have some cute ribbon to use on my presents though, so I’ve got to find something to wrap!

My friend Sarah shared a really good idea with me for baby’s hospital bag that I thought I should pass along. She is putting all of her baby’s outfits in separate ziplock bags (matching tops, pants, socks, hats or bows, blankets, etc.) so that when it is time to dress her baby, she can just pull out a ziplock bag (or her hubby can get it for her) and everything is together. No digging through the hospital bag for the tiny pink polka-dot sock that has gone missing (I’m sure it will be stressful enough at the hospital without having to put outfits together). I thought it was pretty brilliant and will be using that packing tactic for Liam’s hospital wardrobe! I have a few things laid out already. I know a lot of people say to just go with what the hospital puts on him, but there will be so many pictures taken while we are there that I want to have some of his sweet outfits on him (I’m not sure if “outfits” is the right word to use here, but I can’t think of anything better). I’ll be sure to share a pic once I get it packed up.


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