Friday is here!

30 Nov

Hooray for Friday! I’m so ready to get the weekend started. I am planning on some fun and some progress around the house. I’m thinking about a movie tonight (I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 yet!). Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and get going on Christmas and nursery work. Jason is planning to drive to Jonesboro for the ASU game (playing for conference champs),
so I’ll have some time to myself. I’m going to get my mani/pedi, find fabric for the crib skirt, do some Christmas shopping for Jason, finish the dining room Christmas tree, decorate the staircase, etc. Well, at least that is what I’ve got in my head to do. Who wants to take bets that I don’t get half of that done? Yeah, I’ve got my doubts too.

I honestly cannot believe it is the last day of November. Where did the month go? It seems like last week that I was disappointed in our lack of trick-or-treaters! This has definitely been the busiest month since we moved to Nashville. I anticipate December to be quite busy as well, but at least it won’t involve any inter-state travelling on our end (well, not that we have planned anyway).

I wish I had something super exciting, fun, interesting, funny, or intriguing to talk about, but I’ve got nothing. Except to tell you to become a newborn photographer….they charge a fortune! And here is a pic of my cutie pies snuggling!

Hope you have a wonderful first weekend of December!! Only 25 days ‘til Christmas!

PS. Dear sweet baby Liam, you can take all my vitamins and nutrients, all my energy, make me swollen and fat, but please leave Mommy some brain cells! The pregnancy brain is no joke. I’m not used to being so incompetent and I don’t like it one bit.


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