Week 33

4 Dec

Let me start this week off by saying how incredibly thankful I am to still be pregnant! Don’t take my complaints as though I am being insensitive and should just be glad I’m pregnant- I am glad and thankful.

I don’t even know what to say about week 33 except it was ROUGH. It is like all of the sudden I woke up miserable. I’m retaining a lot of fluid, I’ve got lots of aches and discomforts, have zero energy, and can barely get around due to the size of my belly. My clothes aren’t fitting and all the sudden I’ve gotten pregnant fat (you know…the swollen face and chin, thick thighs, etc.). I do not know that I can do this 6 more weeks!! I definitely need some ideas from my Mama friends who have been through this before on how to keep up my energy til the end. I can’t just lay around for 6 weeks (or can I…).

Baby Size: 19” and over 5lbs. No wonder my belly hurts.

Weight Gain: You don’t wanna know. 30+ lbs! Maybe that explains the pregnant fat. I think I may be done with being so honest about this section :0

Sleep: I have been able to sleep pretty well, but am waking up multiple times a night for potty breaks. Turning over in bed (and getting in and out of bed) is quite a chore. Sometimes my belly (upper right of course) is really sore and I can feel it pulling down from the weight. I try to keep a pillow under it to help support. I am now sleeping surrounded by pillows. I have a giant body pillow on my left side, a pillow under my head, and a king size pillow on my right side (so when I want to lay on my right I still have a pillow to support me….lord knows I can’t move that giant body pillow around because it is so heavy). Every time I get up, I have to rearrange my pillows, so it is about a 5 minute process with lots of groans. The girls aren’t too happy about all the pillows taking up their bed space.

Maternity Clothes: I am continuing to grow out of my maternity clothes (or at least they are starting to look ridiculously tight and short). Thank goodness I have some shirts with stretch in them. I will be wearing the same few shirts over and over the next few weeks. I’ve been wearing leggings almost exclusively because they are so comfy. My jeans/pants are getting tight – not sure they are going to make it to the end. Thank goodness leggings are in style.

Wedding Rings: Haven’t worn them at all this week. My hands have been swelling and I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of having to get my rings cut off.

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. Nothing new here- sweets, French fries, ice cream, fruit, etc. Trying to force myself to drink a gallon of water a day to help with the fluid.

Symptoms: Geeze what symptom do I not have? I’m retaining a lot of fluid. My feet/ankles/calves look like they belong on an elephant (or hobbit feet as my sister called them). It is very embarrassing to me because I’ve always thought my feet were pretty and now I don’t even recognize them. They have grown a FULL size (formerly 7.5 now 8.5) and I’ve grown out of the leopard flats I bought to wear during pregnancy. I hope they will go back to normal after birth, but I have heard they probably won’t (which means if you wear a 7.5, I will probably have some awesome shoes to give you). Beyond looking bad, it is VERY painful- they feel bruised from my ankles down to the bottom of my feet. Of course that makes walking really painful as well. My hands are also swollen leading to a lot of drops (yesterday I dropped a pint of paint in the nursery and somehow it ended up ALL over my face and hair). My entire back started aching on Sunday and hasn’t stopped….I think Jason jinxed me here by saying he was surprised my back hadn’t been hurting. My upper right belly is always hurting and tingling. My tailbone is popping when I take a step. I’m having Braxton hicks regularly (which hopefully means my body is preparing for labor). My heartburn is pretty constant and if I don’t stay on top of it with Tums, it can be really bad. I’ve been very emotional and getting more so every day. I find myself wanting to cry at the littlest things (I cried listening to that Mariah Carey Christmas song that goes “All I want for Christmas is You”….really? who does that?). I think feeling so uncomfortable is making the emotions worse. Last, but not least, I have horrible pregnancy brain. I can’t remember much of anything and I can never find the words I want to use. I am constantly making lists of things to help me.

Doctor Appointments: I have my next check-up tomorrow! I was wrong when I said I start going every week after this one…I have one more 2 week appointment, then every week. I am a little concerned about my swelling and will be sharing that with the doctor, but I’m sure she will say it is normal, to limit my salt, and drink lots of water.

Movement: Liam is still moving around a lot. I got a video earlier in the week of him moving around in my belly. He is moving right now as I type this. Sometimes it is painful and annoying, but I sure do love it. I especially love it when I am sitting in the glider in the nursery and he is moving around because it reminds me that it won’t be too long before I am rocking him in my arms!

Best Moment of the Week: Making progress on the nursery! We got his dresser finished and up in his room (and when I say we…I mean Jason), got the photo frames and baskets hung up, and finally decided on some bedding (I think) and curtains! I’m feeling much better about it now after having several panic attacks this week (as if the baby would really care what his nursery looks like).

What I miss: All the same- feeling good, having energy, my cute little shoes, etc.

What I am Looking Forward to: Some of my favorites are staying with us this weekend while they look for houses in Nashville (so so excited that Jason and Beth are moving here) and we are going to a little “Feliz Navidad” party at our friends’ house (I was going to host it, but decided there was no way I could manage it).


One Response to “Week 33”

  1. Melissa Conaway December 5, 2012 at 6:52 AM #

    Oh I remember this point with Landry…I was lucky because the weather was so nice I could walk daily to relieve a lot of swelling and it also helped with my emotions! I am already freaking out about this pregnancy…I don’t feel like I am mentally tough like I was with Landry! I am getting back in the gym ASAP and I think that’ll help me some! Praying that the symptoms lighten up a bit over the next few weeks for you! You can do it!!

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