Hump Day Happy

5 Dec

It is doctor day and hump day! I love doctor days because I have to leave work early, and I love hump day because it means the work week is on the down slope! Could it get any better?! Hopefully I will have another good check-up this week. I’m going to talk to my doc about all my swelling and see if she thinks there is any reason for concern (I’m sure she will say it is normal though). I sure wish they did more ultrasounds during pregnancy- I would feel better if they checked in on everything once a month. I know why TomKat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) had their own ultrasound machine now. Speaking of Kate’s and babies, who else is excited about the Royal Spawn (or Spawns as the rumor is she may have twins!)? I can’t wait to see her maternity wardrobe. I’m glad I won’t be pregnant any more when she is 8 months pregnant because I’m sure she would make me feel even worse about my current orca-like state…thank goodness for Jessica Simpson to make us regular people not feel quite so bad about our own pregnancy weight gain. Moving on….

After having a few breakdowns over the nursery, I THINK we have a plan that is going to work (finally). I was so excited when our rug was delivered on Saturday, only to open it and be disappointed. The color was very blue-green, not light blue, and the stripes were narrower than I had in mind. At first I thought I would just go with it and went to the fabric store to look for fabric with those colors. I also went to Pottery Barn and picked up some curtains that matched too. I laid it all out and hated it….cue the tears. When Jason got home he didn’t like it either. I was at a loss and devastated that things weren’t coming together (and that I’m going to have to pay return shipping for the rug…UGH this is why I don’t internet shop!).

SO, I went back to square one by looking through the Restoration Hardware catalog for inspiration. For some reason, I noticed a bedding set that we hadn’t seen before. We checked out the fabric sample at the store (surprisingly they had a sample of the color) and we are going to try it out. I am also going to order the curtains I have had my eyes on all along. They are white with a gray border. The only sad part is they don’t make the valance wide enough for our window :( And this time I already have a backup plan if the bedding doesn’t work out, it will just require more work on my part. I also found a rug at Pottery Barn Kids that is solid baby blue with a diamond pattern that I think will look great and give the room the pop of color it needs.

Jason finished painting the dresser and our painter helped him move it upstairs to the nursery on Sunday morning. It looks SO fantastic. We put the original pulls on the drawers and it gives it a great vintage feel. It is a little low, but that will be great for Liam when he is big enough to start getting his own things out of his drawers. We saved $900 by doing this project ourselves. We almost bought a VERY similar vintage dresser painted gray at a boutique store here for over $1000. Our Craigslist searching diligence really paid off. I snapped a photo of the dresser the other night (it looks even better in person). We still have the tall dresser to finish up, which we are hoping to complete before Christmas (it is going in a guest room).

We also hung up the picture frames (that we purchased on sale at Target months ago) and the wall baskets from World Market. Just getting those few things complete (even with the stock photos in the frames) really brought some life into the room! Now we just need to get our RHbaby bedding and curtain order in and pick up the PBK rug this weekend (using our 10% registry completion coupon…we did a registry this week so we could get a 10% discount for the next 6 months) and we will be close to complete! We are toying with the idea of a bookcase for the corner (mostly so we can decorate it with cute things and because the room needs something tall), but that may not happen before the baby is born. I feel really excited about the nursery now and it gives me some peace. It is going to be the sweet, calming space that we wanted all along. I realize that nursery décor doesn’t matter one bit in the grand scheme and that Liam will never notice what his nursery looks like, but having a beautiful room to welcome our new son home is important to us.

5 weeks and 4 days to til due date!


One Response to “Hump Day Happy”

  1. Vivian December 10, 2012 at 7:59 PM #

    Looks GREAT! CL diligence really does require lots of diligence and patience! I’m just starting the process of re-finishing our vintage finds too! Yours looks incredible!

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