Baby doc update

6 Dec

Well my appointment didn’t go so great yesterday. My doctor is concerned about the severity of my swelling and wants me to start resting a lot more. She discussed pulling me out of work and wants me to talk to my boss about working from home, at least half the day, so I can lay down more. She is afraid this could be a sign of developing preeclampsia and that because of my large belly, sitting all day is putting too much pressure on my blood vessels and my circulation is being drastically effected (which could affect the baby). I guess I’ll have that discussion today (I’m not looking forward to it). I had to do some lab work, so hopefully it will come back ok (won’t know until next week). My blood pressure is creeping up slightly, but nothing drastic.

Additionally, my belly is measuring large again- measuring 40 weeks instead of 34. This happened at 24 weeks too, but I have been caught up since then. Apparently I exploded over the last two weeks. But the odd thing is that I lost weight, despite my large belly and fluid retention. SO, all of that to say I’m having an ultrasound today to check on things. The baby is sitting very high in my abdomen and my doc suggested that I may have a very small pelvis (which is causing the baby to sit high in my belly and is affecting my measurement). But, she really wasn’t sure what was going on and just wants to make sure there are no problems. The good news is we will get to see his sweet face again! I’m sure I’ll have a pic to share tomorrow. I’m also interested to see what they estimate he is weighing now (even though I know it can be off by +/- 1 pound.

After my doc appointment, I ran by Restoration to order the baby bedding. Sure enough, this morning they announced a 20% off sale. So, now I’ve got to cancel my order and re-order so I can get the discount. It is a pain, but so worth it to save the extra money! When I got home, I laid on the couch with my feet up, ate some cereal and crashed. Baby growing is hard work.


One Response to “Baby doc update”

  1. LJW December 6, 2012 at 7:48 AM #

    Baby Growing is definitely hard work! You are doing a great job!! Don’t worry much about the swelling and such…many women go through this and if you just take the doctors suggestions (laying down with feet up, drink lots of water, etc.) you will be just fine! As for the measurements…I never did understand those…some weeks I was spot on, others I was a bit high and others I was a bit low…it’s just weird!

    The last 4-5 weeks of my pregnancy I started to have a spike in blood pressure and swelling…doctor asked for modified bed rest which meant that dreaded conversation with the boss – it all worked out and I’m sure it will for you as well! Just be honest…it’s amazing the compassion people show towards pregnant women. Ask to work from home – it was fun working in my PJ’s from bed – just avoid skype calls!

    Pack your bag and just relax! Not sure what your plans are for Liam when he arrives home…but rest assured he likely won’t be sleeping in the nursery for the first few weeks…which means more time to get things situated :)

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