So much to do!

11 Dec

My order from Restoration Hardware arrived yesterday. I think we have a couple winners and one loser. The bumper is blue with gray piping and ties. It isn’t perfect, but it will work. The crib skirt is not the right color at all. This is why I hate ordering things online- pictures are so deceiving. I can’t believe they even show that skirt with the bumper because they don’t match. Oh well. I’m going to get some fabric today and make my own. It shouldn’t be TOO difficult (assuming I can remember how my sewing machine works- it hasn’t been used in over a year!). Jason is going to hang the curtain rod up tonight so I can see how the curtains look, but I like them just by looking at them. They are white curtains with a gray border (I know you are shocked by that color combo…ha). I’m sad the valance wouldn’t work (it was half the width of our window). They are black out, stain resistant, and classic (which is good so we can use them in other rooms later if we want). They are going to be a little long, so I need to figure that out too. We bought a new table to put beside the rocker from PBK and I love it. The one I was originally using (stolen from the bonus room) just wasn’t big enough for all the things I want to put on it. This one has a larger round top, a drawer, and a storage shelf underneath too. The rug we ordered shipped out today, so it should be here by the end of the week. Hopefully the color works. The changing pad will be on my door step when I get home and the diaper caddy should also arrive this week. Things are starting to come together…just in the nick of time. I really wish we had gotten the nursery finished by my Thanksgiving deadline- I’m feeling so drained, swollen, and uncomfortable these days that it is hard to get motivated to do anything!

My “to-do” list is getting shorter by the day, but is still longer than I hoped at this point.

Here is what I have left for the nursery:
– Find a shadow box window frame
– Hang curtain rod and curtains
– Find a lamp
– Make a crib skirt
– Alter curtains
– Order/make nursery art
– Make clothes dividers for closet (low priority)
– Paint wagon/find bookshelf

Here are the things we need to do before baby comes:
– Pack hospital bags (I think I have most of the things I need)
– Set up monitor
– Install car seats bases and get them inspected
– Put towels in my car (in case my water breaks)
– Put baby/hospital binder together (important papers) and packed
– Book newborn photographer (narrowed it down to 2)
– Complete work leave paperwork
– Finish purchasing baby necessities (I have a list of things we still need)
– Update will
– Cook meals to freeze
– Liam monogrammed cap for hospital (low priority)
– Cute hospital gown for me (very low priority)

Here is my general to-do list:
– Christmas present shopping
– Finish painting master bathroom (we are SO close to being finished)
– Paint tall dresser for guest room (low priority at this point)
– Thank you notes

Yikes- that looks like a lot when you list it all out…and I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten! I think my blood pressure just shot up (kidding). Especially considering we only have two “free” weekends left until my due date (this weekend and the first weekend in January). I’ve been doing as much online as I can. Jason is taking off most of next week, so he can tackle some of these projects. We are having our house deep cleaned next week and our windows/gutters cleaned too (man the windows need it so bad). Our Christmas guests better not mess it up too much. We’ve set up to have bi-weekly house cleanings for the first 4 months that Liam is here. That will really take some stress off because neither Jason nor I can stand for our house to be dirty.

We are somewhat on baby watch already. I keep telling myself that we still have 4.5 weeks to go (a whole month or maybe even longer), but I also have the thought in the back of my mind that he could come any time (even though he needs to stay put for at least 2 more weeks). I guess I feel that way since he is measuring ahead. Jason is questioning every little moan, groan or wince I make (which happens pretty frequently). I can only imagine how anxious we are going to be after Christmas. I finally got a call from my doctor’s office yesterday about the ultrasound. I believe they said he was in the 75th percentile for weight. My fluid levels are still on the high side of normal (they were at 24 weeks as well), which puts me at a slightly increased risk for some complications (not nearly as much as if they were actually high…I’m still within the normal range thankfully). According to the nurse the doc wants to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check on things. I guess I’ll find out more at my appointment next week.

So, that’s what is on my mind this cold Tuesday morning! Hope you all are having a good start to your week!


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