Looking Back

13 Dec

Tuesday night as I laid in the glider/recliner while Jason worked on the nursery, I looked back through my early pregnancy photos on my phone. We have done a lousy job of taking photos of my expanding belly, but I got such a kick looking through the photos. I thought I had such a big bump early on. It felt huge to me at the time. I remember everyone was like “just you wait, that’s nothing.” Since I officially have a belly that measures 40 weeks, I think I can safely say I know what they meant! I’m embarrassed that I sent/posted those early photos since I hardly even look pregnant to the average person (of course I had already outgrown most of my clothes). I sure hope I go back to looking like that someday not too long after Liam is born! For fun, here are some progression photos.

Around 13 weeks

First day of work around 15 weeks

Around 19 weeks for my 30th bday

Now, here I am at almost 36 weeks and the baby’s arrival is getting so close. One week (+ 2 days) until baby Liam is “full term.” I just can’t believe it. I went back to the doctor yesterday due to some pains I was experiencing in my “upper right quadrant” that were a little different than usual. Since I’m at risk for developing preeclampsia, I have to be more cautious about pain in the abdomen. The doc and I both think it is just muscular from being stretched out, but it was better to be certain. This week she said that she really wanted me out of work. So, I’ve been working on that all morning (at work…). Figuring out leave at a large corporation and getting it all set up is not an easy task. I’m still trying to be able to work from home, but it has to be approved through HR and my bosses. Either way, we need to get something squared away soon. Today I realized I’m losing feeling in my calves and feet from the swelling (first time I’ve felt that).

Jason had to go to Scottsdale for work until Friday, so my Mom is staying with me. Jason wasn’t comfortable leaving me alone with everything that has been going on. She is pampering me and hopefully we can get a few things knocked off the list or at least get some things ready for Christmas. I feel so bad because she and my sister are almost done with their Christmas shopping and I have not even started! Amazon here I come (Thank goodness I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime right before Christmas).

Two of my friends went into labor yesterday, but neither ended up with a 12/12/12 baby (one still hasn’t made his appearance yet, but he should sometime today)! 12/13/12 is still a pretty cool birth date I think. It really starts hitting home when my fellow pregnant friends start having their babies!


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