Almost time for Christmas!

20 Dec

I cannot believe Christmas is just a few short days away. My family arrives in 2 days! We have been busy with last minute preparations (well, I’ve basically watched everyone doing my last minute preparations). We had the house and windows cleaned yesterday. Let me tell you, it is amazing what window cleaning will do for your house! We are so mad we didn’t do it sooner. Of course it started raining last night so they are already getting dirty again. Typical. We had a couple of damaged parts on the crib and those were replaced yesterday. We only have 2 more gifts to purchase and a couple more to wrap (thanks to Jason for doing all the wrapping this year!).

I went to the doctor yesterday for a check-up. Things were looking good. My belly is now measuring 38 weeks instead of 40, most likely due to different baby positioning. My blood pressure is still normal, so that was great news. And last but not least, I’m starting to dilate! I’m 1 cm and 50% effaced! It isn’t much but it is a start and hopefully a good sign. My doctor hinted that he may be here early, but also scheduled an ultrasound for January 4 and an appointment for January 18. I know he will come when he is good and ready. I’ll just remind him of that if he complains about his birthday being close to Christmas.

We are making progress on that list I posted last week! The curtains are hung in the nursery, the rug is down, the shadow box is on the wall, and a lamp is on the way. I made some art for his nursery late last night. The only major thing left is the crib skirt and accessorizing. Jason finished painting the tall dresser. We haven’t quite decided where to put it, but it looks really good. I have almost all of my thank you notes in the mail. I still have a lot of things left on the “to do before baby comes” list. We really need to focus on that list ASAP!


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