Closing out 2012

31 Dec

The last day of the year is here! 2012 has been quite a whirlwind year for us in the Wood household. We started off the year with the move to Nashville where we lived in the Embassy Hotel for 3 weeks while we began our first major home renovation. The home renovating continued for several more months (in fact, it technically just ended in November). In April we celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a trip back to Scottsdale. On May 21st we found out we were expecting our first child. We spent all spring and summer trying to wrap our brain around having a baby. I started my new job in July. In August we found out our little bundle of joy was a boy and I celebrated my 30th birthday! We spent Labor Day weekend in LA with Stacy and Andrew were we continued to celebrate my 30th birthday and our little boy. September and October were spent preparing the nursery, followed by a crazy hectic November. My sister threw us a beautiful baby shower in Little Rock in early November, we spent mid-November car hunting, then we made the trip back to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and another lovely baby shower thrown by our family friends in Sheridan. December was spent preparing our home for first Christmas, finishing the nursery, putting together baby gear, Christmas shopping, doctor appointments and hosting Christmas for my family and then Jason’s family. Whew.

It is unbelievable how much our lives have changed in just one year….and how much our life will change in just a couple of weeks with the arrival of baby Liam. At this point last year, there were so many unknowns for us. We had an offer out on a house in Nashville that had not been accepted, the sale on our house in Scottsdale had fallen through and we were back on the market, and I had no job prospects in TN. We spent last New Year’s Eve together at one of our favorite restaurants in Scottsdale (Culinary Dropout). We were totally exhausted after a month of travel (Nashville, Little Rock, Miami, 7 day cruise, Fort Lauderdale, Little Rock, Scottsdale) and were feeling the stress of the impending move.

This year, we are also facing some pretty big unknowns as we wait to become parents. 2013 is sure to be a whole new journey for us, filled with ups and downs, as every year is. We are anxious, excited, nervous, and overjoyed to be starting a new year as a family of three.

As for baby Liam, he is hanging tight this NYE. He must be comfortable in there, despite the lack of space. I had not made any more progress as of my doctor appointment last Friday. Everything was looking good though. I go back this Friday for an ultrasound and doctor appointment. The doctor didn’t seem to think he would be making an appearance this week (of course there is no way to know for sure). SO, the waiting game is on. I’m planning to spend the next 2 weeks enjoying my baby bump, the kicks and hiccups that only Liam and I share, sleep, and being with and pampered by my sweet husband!

We wish you all the happiest of New Years!!!!


One Response to “Closing out 2012”

  1. Stacy December 31, 2012 at 9:14 AM #

    What a wonderful recap! 2012 has been a wild year. Love you.

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