Liam- 1 month recap

25 Feb

Well we did it…we made it to one month! Considering how little Jason and I knew/know about taking care of a baby, this is quite a feat! It has been the best and hardest month of my life. I have quickly learned that being a mom is challenging and self-less. It requires a lot of patience and prayer. When I start to get frustrated, I have to remember to enjoy this time because it is fleeting. He will only be a tiny baby for such a short amount of time and I want to soak it all in (the good and the…not so good). I spend a lot of time just staring at him taking in his adorableness. I still look at him and am in awe of that fact that Jason and I made him (and that he grew in my belly for 9 months). Somehow, I fall more and more in love with him every single day. I never thought I could love my husband so much either. He has been the rock that has gotten us through the first month. I am blessed to have such a helpful, loving, caring and patient man to lean on.

Weight: Liam weighed 11lbs 6 ozs at 4 weeks (weighing at home). He has gained exactly 2 lbs from his birth weight (not including that he lost down to 8lbs 8ozs in the first few days). Needless to say, he is a big eater! I tried to measure his length and I think he is around 22″ long. He doesn’t look as big as he is and he isn’t really fat I don’t think. He does have a cute chubby chin though and some adorable rolls on his legs!

Temperment: Most of the time Liam is a true joy. He started smiling his first week and by the end of the month was smiling and squealing with delight all the time. He typically only cries when he is hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change (at least for now and I’m holding my breath that he continues on this path). He is fussier in the evenings and it makes me so sad that Jason doesn’t get to see him in his really happy mood. He is really starting to like his Momma more and more. I have noticed him watching me as I move around the room now and looking for me when he hears my voice. He loves it when I lay down beside him on the floor to play and just lights up looking and laughing at me. It melts my heart when he reaches out and rubs me with his hand or just lays his hand on me. I am constantly talking to him about what he is looking at, mimicing his sounds, and making silly faces. Anything to entertain and teach my boy! We can already see that he is very independent. He doesn’t really like to be held that much (or at least doesn’t cry to be held) and doesn’t sleep on us. He tries to hold his own burp cloth when I’m burping him and other little things like that. We may have our work cut out for us as he gets older!

Activity: As for activities, we don’t do a whole lot yet. He likes to lay on the floor and look around while kicking his legs and swinging his arms. He does the majority of his “talking” during that time. He is cooing and squealing quite a bit. There is a really high pitched “squeal” he does that is so cute. I will roll him over for some tummy time here and there too. He has a really strong neck for his age (I think). He sits in his bouncer when I’m in the bathroom showering or dressing. He doesn’t seem to love it, but tolerates it briefly. He likes to be held up on our shoulders so he can practice holding his head up and to look around the room. He has head-butted us quite a few times already. This week he smashed his head into my collar bone and then cried a little. It broke my heart because I felt like it was my fault. Luckily he got over it quickly. He loves to swing and to nap in his swing. I’ve been trying to limit napping in the swing to prevent bad habits, but I give in a lot when he won’t go down for naps in the crib. Sometimes he is so tired (as am I) that he just needs to nap and if the swing is the only way, so be it.

Sleep: Liam is doing very well with his night sleep. He is sleeping in the pack n play in our room for now since his nursery is upstairs. He has been sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night since week 2. The routine for weeks 2-3.5 was waking up between 2-3 am and then again between 6-7 am. In the last few days of the month (past 4 days to be exact), he has been sleeping for 7 hours (10pm-5am)! It has been great for the night, but it has thrown off our daytime schedule so the days have been rough. Naps are another story. We try to get in several naps a day. He did great with his naps during weeks 2-3 when our schedule was working. Every day he wants to nap a little less and is harder to get to sleep (in turn making him grumpier). I am trying to get at least 2 naps a day in his crib (aka pack-n-play for now) so that he learns to nap in there. We are trying “cry it out” a little, but it has only been mildly successful so far.

Diet: Liam is scarfing down some breast milk! Obviously by his weight gain you can tell he loves to eat! He typically nurses for about 40-50 minutes for 7 feedings in 24 hours (he had more nursings during the first 2 weeks). He is a slow nurser and rests a lot. I didn’t realize how time consuming nursing would be. I think it is probably the second hardest thing I’ve ever done (with pregnancy being that hardest). Sometimes when I feel I haven’t held him enough in a day, I think about all the time I spent holding him to nurse and feel better about it (for some reason it doesn’t feel like cuddling him when I am holding him to nurse). He hasn’t had any formula since his first week (while we waited on my milk to come in) and that makes me happy. Whenever I feel like I don’t think I can continue nursing, I remind myself how I felt watching him drink that formula and it encourages me to keep going for another day.

Outings: We had our first outings during his 4th week. We went out to breakfast at Bread and Company (a local place in our neighborhood) for 30 minutes. He slept right through it. We went to the mall the next day for 40 minutes and he slept through that too! Whew! Hopefully we can start getting out a little more when the weather gets nice! This momma is getting cabin fever!

Clothes: He is wearing all 0-3 months now and some of those are too short. Clothing sizes are all over the boad!

Postpartum: I am recovering well from my surgery. I have finally lost all the steristrips and can see my scar. It isn’t too bad and it will never be seen because it is so low. My stomach is still sore when I try to stretch or bend. I have had a lot of back pain this month, which is normal as your back adjusts back to not carrying around a baby. I’m also exeperiencing a lot of knee pain (and other joints too). I guess everything is trying to get back to normal. I’ve lost all but 8lbs (lost by 2 weeks). These last 8 aren’t budging though. I guess they will be haging around until I can start exercising. and maybe until I stop nursing. My body looks very different than it did before. Some things I actually like better, other things not so much. I have very little muscle left…I guess my giant baby took them all as nurishment. My skin and hair is SO dry, like nothing I’ve ever experienced (and I often have dry skin). I need to drink more water. Nursing just sucks everything out of you I guess. I have not felt any post-partum depression thankfully. I have only felt horomonal emotions a couple of times (during week 2). Having a baby is definitely an adjustment (a BIG adjustment that you cannot be prepared for), but I’ve taken all in stride reminiding myself that tomorrow is a new day, “this too shall pass,” and that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a healthy baby home with me in my arms. The pains and horrors of pregnancy and delivery are already a distant memory. I can hardly believe that I had that massive belly and was so miserable that last 2 months! I guess that is why people have more babies…all those memories get lost during sleep deprivation! ha!

Special Events: We celebrated Liam’s first Valentine’s Day this month! We didn’t do anything except wear a couple of cute outfits. I couldn’t get out to get cards or anything. Jason surprised me with some roses and cards. Liam gave me a card (my first card from him) and it was perfect!


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