Liam- 3 months!

18 Apr

The past three months have been the best of our lives. Liam is a true joy and we are so blessed to be his parents! I apparently was too busy having fun with the baby to write a 2nd month update and I am so mad at myself now! Everything from the past two months has kin of blurred together, so I guess this is really going to be months 2 and 3 combined. Being a parent has been full of challenges, but has been more wonderful than I ever dreamed.

Weight: He has gained over 5 lbs since birth (not including gaining back the pound he lost at the beginning)!! At his 8 week appointment on 3/18 Liam weighed 12lbs 15ozs (70th percentile) and was 23.5″ long (81st percentile). I took him to the pediatrician on 4/15 and he weighed 14lbs 9 ozs (they didn’t do length or give percentiles). The boy is definitely growing well so far. He is really filling out and getting chubby! His little rolls and dimples are so adorable (too bad mine aren’t so cute). I just want to eat him up!

Temperment: We have been so blessed to have such a happy baby. He rarely cries and when he does it is usually because he is tired and doesn’t want to sleep. His cry these days are more of a fussy whine and sometimes he spits while fussing. I keep telling him it is so rude to spit, but he doesn’t listen. :) The only thing that makes him really unhappy is riding in the car without one of us in the back seat, which makes takin him out alone a little torturous at times. Once the car stops he is fine. We have found that pacifier really helps in the car. He is silly and loves to smile at his Mom and Dad. He smiles all the time at home and is just stating to laugh and squeal at us. When we are out and about, he will not smile at strangers that talk to him. He gives them his serious, furrowed brow look as if he is saying “what you lookin at fool?” A lady at Target commented on what a serious man he was! He can definitely make a lot of serious faces. He is so expressive.

Activity: At the end of the 2nd month he learned how to put his hands together. He spent a lot of time putting them together and then staring at the. Then he started putting them in his mouth and they have resided there ever since. He loves to chew and suck on his hands and fingers. Every day he gets better control of his hands. He is batting and grabbing toys now with more precision. You can just see the concentration on his face as he tries to move his hand over to a specific toy and sometimes he fusses because it makes him mad when his hands won’t do what he wants. He is also loving his feet and legs. He loves to stick his feet up in the air and loves it when I play with his feet. Sometimes he will just stare at his legs and feet. Somewhere at the beginning of the 3rd month he really started holding his head up on his own. That has been nice for us! He loves to be carried around sitting up so he can look around. During month 3 Liam suddenly started loving tummy time! He can hold his head and chest up for probably 5 minutes at 90 degrees. He grunts a lot like he is working really hard. He grabs the blanket with his hands and kicks his legs really fast like he really wants to move. He has not rolled over yet, but is getting so close! Yesterday I just knew he was going to do it because he was so far over on his side and I could tell he really wanted to, but he didn’t make it. I expect it to happen any day now. He is oohing, cooing, and ah-gooing all the time. In the last two weeks he has started blowing spit bubbles and making sounds with his lips (don’t know what to call it…but its like noises we make when mimicking a car driving or something where you blow with your lips together). It ends up getting spit everywhere but it is funny.

Sleep: The boy has loved his sleep so far and we are SO thankful for that! For the last two months we put him down at 10 and he will sleep until 6:30-7 most of the time. Every now and then he will randomly wake up at a different time, but not very often. He takes several naps during the day in his swing. He loves that thing so much. I don’t know what will happen when he outgrows it. During the day he is usually awake for 1.5-2 hours and then sleeps 1-1.5 hours to keep on a pretty consistent three hour eating schedule. It has worked really well thus far.

Diet: All breastmilk! I never thought I would make it past the first week breastfeeding and now here we are at 3 months! Despite all my fears and negative thoughts about it prior to his birth, I am SO thankful that I listened to my friend and tried it out. I would not say that I “love” it, but it has been such a special experience. It just amazes me that my body continues to support my baby’s growth and development. Liam eats roughly every three hours during the day for 30 minutes per feeding. In the past two weeks he hasn’t been eating as much. I don’t know if he is becomming more efficient with his nursing or if he just isn’t as hungry. He is starting to prefer looking around instead of eating which is challenging for me.

Outings: Since 8 weeks, we have been out and about pretty frequently. We go to the mall, Target, Sam’s Club, restaurants, etc. We have only taken him out to dinner a handful of times, but he has done great each time. He used to sleep when we were out, but he is starting to stay awake and look around. Since the weather started warming up this month, we started going on walks. I try to get out for a walk every day that it is nice out. I started using the regular stroller seat instead of the car seat and he seems to like it because he can see better. Sometimes he falls asleep and it give me a great workout because I keep walking until he has had a good nap!

Clothes: He is wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes and 6 month sleepers. He has worn two 9 month outfits. We had very few outfits in sizes 3-6 months (and up) so we have been buying lots of clothes. We love Gap Baby, but there pants are SO long. Our favorite store is Janie and Jack. They have the cutest little man clothes. It is pricey though so we only have a few things. There is a pretty nice consignment store in Franklin that we have found several thing at too.

Postpartum- I am fully recovered from the c-section. I have a lovely purple line across my belly from the incision. The doctor said that it looked great and was healing well, so I’ll take her word for it. It is still a little sore to the touch and the tissue around it is numb. She said that would last for about 6 months. I still have a line running down my belly (linea negra) from the pregnancy, which should also go away around 6 months. I’m 6 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have lots of toning to do, but haven’t found the time or energy to do more than walk yet. I am back in most of my non-maternity pants thank goodness. That took 2.5 months. My tummy still has loose skin (no surprise there considerig how huge it was) but thankfully I escaped with no stretch marks! I need a haircut and pedicure SO bad, but have not found time for me yet. My hair and skin is still really dry, but seems to be a little better than it was right at first. I have not sufferd any post partum depression or baby blues. Oh, and I guess the biggest change is that I quit my job! I am now a lawyer turned stay at home mom! In my heart I knew that if we could afford it, I needed to stay home and raise my son. The thought of missing out on his life was more than I could bear. It still feels a little weird to not be working or looking for a job, but I am trying to take my new “job” more serious so I still feel productive.

Special Events: Liam celebrated his first Easter when he was 10 weeks old! We made our first trip to Arkansas for a long weekend to visit all our family and friends since Liam had not met anyone except our parents yet. It was so fun for all of us. He was great in the car and just slept and played the whole way (along with two stops for eating). He slept great at night while we were there even though his naps were really off. I tried to keep his feedings on track so I think that helped. I think he loved seeing all the new people and especially loved all the attention (he loves attention)! The Easter bunny brought him lots of toys, books, stuffed animals, clothes, and a rocking pirate ship (he visited him at both grandparents house and our house). We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and Liam went to dinner with us!

Liam I love being your mom more than you will ever understand. You have made my life complete in a way I will never understand. You are the sweetest, cutest, most precious and adorable thing I have ever seen. Every new thing you do makes me jump for joy and shed tears because you are growing and changing so fast. I am trying my best to soak in every moment with you. You make us so so happy. I look forward to what you have in store for us during the next month. I love you more than life itself!



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