New Tricks

30 Apr

Something happens when babies hit 3 months (or at least it did with Liam). Although he has been a very alert and observant baby from the beginning, once he hit 3 months it is like a light switch flipped on inside him. He is constantly surprising me with his new “tricks.”

First his hand eye coordination really increases and he can easily grab whatever is within his reach now. He takes everything directly to his mouth to chew on. Then he started rolling over. The first time he was on his back on the bed and rolled from back to belly and then back to his back. Then on Saturday he rolled over from belly to back for the first time on the floor. Yesterday he rolled belly to back several times and is trying so hard to go back to belly again. You can just see the determination in his eyes (and he makes little grunting noises too).

Also on Saturday he found his voice. He started a brand new “squealing” noise that is so funny. It cracks us up every time. It is so high pitched! He makes the funniest faces when he does it too!

He is really a studier too. He will just stare at his toys (or whatever is in his path be it a pillow or a photo) and gets this look in his eye where you can tell he is trying to figure it out. He starts breathing loud and furrows his brows. He will turn the toys over and around to check it all out. So cute.

He has also started splashing in the bath. He used to just lean back and relax, but now he is starting to splash around. I have a feeling in another month or so I’m going to get soaked during bath time!

He has found his feet too. He is trying to grab his toes but usually ends up grabbing his ankle instead. Every time you lay him down his feet go straight up in the air and he curls into a ball (this makes diaper changes quite tricky)! Adorable!

It is just amazing to watch this little baby develop and learn. There really is nothing like it! He melts my heart and makes me so proud!








One Response to “New Tricks”

  1. Stacy April 30, 2013 at 10:49 AM #

    He is such a happy baby. His development is a testament to how great you are with him. You are an amazing mom. I’m so proud. Love you.

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