Lunch party

3 May

Yesterday Liam and I drove up to Goodlettsville for lunch with my previous co-workers at Dollar General. It was so nice of them to want to see us and they surprised us with presents! Liam got some fun toys, A&A swaddle blankets, meds, boogie wipes, a precious smocked outfit, and a gift card to the cutest baby store. So incredibly thoughtful and nice, especially considering I quit to stay home with Liam.

I never really talked much about my job or quitting my job. After Liam was born I knew deep down that I had to stay with him. I had never been so fulfilled and happy as I was taking care of him. When push came to shove and I was a week away from going back, I broke down and told Jason I couldn’t do it. We looked at our finances and decided that we could make it work with some sacrifice. My boss and my co-workers have been so kind and supportive through everything. I was really blessed to have a great job with good people. Maybe when Liam is bigger I will try to go back to DG if we are still in Nashville. I feel so incredibly blessed every single day to be home with my baby boy. I am thankful for my husband who is willing to work so hard to support us.

I honestly think working moms and single moms are super women. I do not know how they do it! Just amazing in my opinion. Im going through a bit of an adjustment period now that I’m officially at home. Taking care of Liam is a lot of work, but add in taking care of the house, laundry, dinner, errands, etc. with Liam is proving so much harder than I ever imagined. Babies are a time suck. His wake time flies by. I hate to do anything but be with him when he is awake. But I also don’t want to wake him up doing chores when he is asleep! That makes for quite a conundrum.

I started a home management binder with timelines, chore charts, menu planners, etc., but I have yet to actually use it (making it and finding all the inserts was fun though haha). I really want to do a spring cleaning of all our rooms, closet, pantry, etc. and organize everything the way I want it. Like I said I had no clue how much time babies take up. I’m going to have to start doing things at night when Jason is here to play with Liam and after he goes to bed. So fun… Not.

I just remembered I was supposed to take Jason’s pants to the cleaners this morning. Crap.

Well anyway, Liam is 15 weeks old today. I can’t get over how much he has grown. He lights up the room (and my heart) with his big, radiant smile. He is a happy, beautiful, wonderful baby and I cannot get enough of him!



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