9 May

Just a regular day here the last two days. Cleaning, organizing, changing diapers, feeding, etc. Jason has been working around the clock this week so I’ve basically been a single parent. He didn’t even see the baby yesterday. Wah!

Liam’s new thing is scratching. Anytime he is laying on something or can reach something, he is scratching it. He also seems to have lost interest in eating. I’ve spread his feedings out again and feed him in a darkened room but it isn’t helping much. I’m interested to see what his weight is Monday (4 month check up). I’m concerned about it. His pee and poop has been normal so hopefully he has just gotten super efficient. I fear my supply is dwindling due to his lack of feeding well.

Otherwise all is good on the home front. I got my DSLR back out finally and I’m practicing with my new model. Indoor shooting is so tricky.

That’s about it for today!






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  1. Stacy May 9, 2013 at 2:11 PM #

    That last face is sooo funny. Love.

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