My First Mother’s Day!

13 May

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I know we sure enjoyed it.

My parents came up on Friday and I cooked dinner for us. I don’t know that I have ever cooked dinner for them before. I made a baked spaghetti recipe from Pinterest and it was delish! It was accompanied by herb focaccia bread and Cesar salad. hEveryone cleaned their plates. I attempted my first home cooked angel food cake (I used a boxed mix so I can’t say homemade). I didn’t realize that you had to use a special pan and just used my bunt cake pan. I also didn’t know how much it would rise. When I opened the oven to peek at it I found it billowing up through the upper rack of the oven. Whoops. Jason had the task of removing it from the oven and pan since I was feeding Liam when it was finished. When he shouted to me upstairs that it wouldn’t come out of the pan like I said it dawned on me about the bunt pan situation. Ah another cooking lesson learned. Luckily it wasnt in too bad of shape to serve and tasted really great to boot! I served it with strawberries, whip cream, and blue bell vanilla ice cream. Blue bell is seriously the best ice cream you can buy at the store. Especially for vanilla. Mmmm.

Saturday morning we went to our fave breakfast joint and had a yummy breakfast. We hung around the house so Liam could rest and eat. I took some pics of my Mom and Liam that turned out pretty nice. Then Jason and I cooked lunch! I made the ham sliders from Pinterest. I couldn’t tell you how they were since I didn’t try them, but the meat eaters raved about them! My parents are really picky eaters so to cook three things that they liked was a huge accomplishment in my book. I considered maybe they were just being polite, but they cleaned their plates so I hope that means they really did like it!

That afternoon we went to downtown Franklin and walked around the little shops. It is such a cute downtown. There were musicians out playing which added to the charm. Lots of people were stirring about and Liam had fun looking around at everyone.

We had J. Alexander’s for dinner that night and then hit the sack after Liam’s bath. My parents left Sunday morning shortly after breakfast. We exchanged Mother’s Day gifts before they headed back. Mom made me two beautiful photo books. One is a Liam book with photos of my pregnancy, his birth, and his first weeks at home. The other is pictures from our wedding photo shoot last summer. They are both just wonderful keepsakes and I love looking at them! My gift to her paled in comparison (iTunes and amazon gift cards, nail polish and mascara).

After they left we got ready for the day. Jason and Liam gave me a gift and cards. They got me a day at the spa for massage, facial and mani/pedi! So very sweet! The spa is just around the corner too so I will feel better about leaving Liam for a few hours! Cannot wait for some pampering!

We went to McAllisters for lunch, which happens to be next to the golf store. Jason said Liam really wanted to go look at golf stuff so of course we had to. Somehow that ended up with Jason getting a new club and me finding a Father’s Day gift for my dad! Then we went to Homegoods since it was right there too. After our shopping outing we picked up my favorite froyo because I saw they were doing a Mother’s Day special. All moms got their yogurt for $1! Nice $6 savings! Being a Mom is awesome! Lol! We followed that with going to the park by our house (Percy Warner) and snapped some pics which I have been wanting to do so bad! They turned out really cute. I had on the brightest pink shirt on the planet. No, really. Ill tone it down next time! That is the great thing about having a nice camera- we can take more photos any time if we aren’t happy with them! Liam was distracted and looking around at all the people, dogs, and bikes so we didn’t get many big smiles from him, but we finally captured his pretty blue eyes!

That pretty much recounts our whole weekend in probably more detail than anyone needs! Haha! It was a special and perfect family weekend that reminded me how truly blessed I am!









One Response to “My First Mother’s Day!”

  1. Stacy May 13, 2013 at 9:34 AM #

    so sweet… love the pics. xo

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