Liam- 5 Month Update

18 Jun

Yikes, this has been a busy month for us and for Liam! I haven’t had much time to blog.  At least I’m on time with this post!

Liam is the light of our lives.  I cannot believe how much he has grown and developed in the past month.  He is a happy, silly, active, easy-going little man.  How in the world did we get so lucky to be his parents?

Weight:  We haven’t been to the doctor since his 4 month appointment so I don’t know what he weighs, but I would guess around 17 pounds.  He is getting really long.  I can’t get over how long his legs are these days!

Temperament: Liam is happy and easy going.  He rarely complains about anything.  He gets frustrated with his toys from time to time.  He has finally stopped crying in the car when it is just the two of us.  He is starting to laugh at lots of stuff!

Activity:  Liam started rolling over all the time this month.  We can’t keep him on his back anymore.  As soon as I lay him down he rolls to his belly.  He can also spin around on his belly.  His dexterity has really increased.  He is grabbing everything within his reach.  Faces, phones, fabric, facuets…you name it and he has grabbed it.  He can hold his toys well and move them around wherever he wants.  He can pass them back and forth between his hands too.  He is getting better at sitting up and can tripod sit on his own.  I have a feeling he will be sitting up on his own soon.  He loves to stand (with assistance of course).  He kicks one foot like a bull sometimes when he is standing and it is so cute.  He is still wobbly and “dances” around, but he likes it.  Yesterday he stood up holding on to the laundry basket by himself for a few seconds.  He is still holding his feet and putting them in his mouth all the time.  Earlier in the month he stopped being as vocal as he was previously, but toward the end of the month he started chatting again. He blows bubbles, spits, squeals, and babbles.  He loves to watch his puppies run around and play.  He keeps his hand outstretched for them to lick if they get close.  He has started reaching his hands out for me some.  Last week he was having a bottle while I was at the doctor and I took it away to walk back to the room and he left his hand outstretched until he got his bottle back!  So cute!

Sleep: Liam is still sleeping great.  He did have a 4 month sleep regression (had most of the symptoms) that lasted a little over a week where he was waking up at 5:30 am (instead of 7:30).  Fortunately he would go back to sleep if I reswaddled him and gave him a paci.  Now he is back on schedule waking up between 7:30-8:00 am.  We dropped the swaddle a couple of weeks ago once Liam was able to roll from back to belly.  I was nervous that he may not sleep as well, but he actually slept better!  The second night of no swaddle he woke up on his belly and how is sleeping on his side or belly every night.  It made me nervous the first couple nights, but he is strong and can easily pick up his head or roll back over.  I think he needs a “king size” crib because he is all over that thing.  He goes from side to side and corner to corner and spins all around.  He takes a nap around 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, and a short nap at 7:30 when we are home all day.  When we are out and about he doesn’t nap as well, but it doesn’t affect his night sleep thankfully!

Diet:  He is still exclusively breastfed but he also started solids this month!  We started mid-month with some rice cereal.  He liked it but it was really really messy!  It took a couple of days for him to figure out the point.  We moved on to oat cereal after a few days.  Then, he got constipated so we added in prunes.  We stayed with rice, oats and prunes for about a week.  Next we introduced homemade butternut squash, which he loves!  It has been two weeks and he is so much better at eating already!  When I say “ah” and open my mouth he will open his mouth for a bite.  He likes to eat pretty fast and he likes big bites (just like Dad).  I am making his purees now and I love it being able to give him fresh, healthy food!  He seems to like the homemade better too!  Today we introduced pears and they were a hit.  The whole solid food introduction process has been a bit challenging with the mess and getting him to figure out how to eat, but it gets easier every day.

Outings:  We are taking him everywhere with us.  I don’t think we tried anywhere new this month that I can think of.  He is usually really good when we are out and loves to take it all in.  He has started this pterodactyl squeal thing and he has done that a few times while we were out.  It is hard because he is just talking, not crying, so there isn’t anything we can do to quiet him.  We used to be able to count on using the paci if he got loud, but now he pulls it out and plays with it while he “talks.”

Clothes:  He is wearing a myriad of sizes.  He has mostly outgrown all his 3-6 month clothes and is in 6-9 month or 6-12 month (depending on the brand).  He definitely got a lot of wear out of his 3-6 month clothes so that makes me happy!

Postpartum- I had an appointment with my obgyn for my annual visit and she checked my scar.  She said it was starting to look like a keloid scar and I’m now using a steroid cream on it twice a day.  It is hard to remember to use it, but it looks a little better already.  Otherwise I am doing great.  I’ve still got 2 lbs to lose and a lot of toning to do.  I’m trying to start watching what I’m eating and exercising more.  I have been afraid of doing too much and losing my milk supply, but at this point it should be pretty well established.  Speaking of milk, I’m still struggling with clogged ducts on my left side.  It has become a frequent occurrence.  I get so frustrated and depressed when it happens.  I start thinking I am going to have to stop nursing because I can’t handle it anymore.  And then the clog goes away and I’m fine again for the next few days.  I don’t want to stop nursing because he is doing so well with the breast milk so I am going to keep pushing through as long as I can!  I have adjusted to life as a stay at home Mom and absolutely love it!  I can’t imagine not being home with him every day!

Special Events:  We celebrated Father’s Day this month!  We didn’t really do anything special, just spent time together as a family.  Liam and I gave Jason a new watch and lots of cards!  We are getting ready for a vacation to Destin over the 4th of July so that will be covered next month!

Liam, I cannot believe it has been five months since you were born.  Time is flying by so fast, and I can barely keep up!  I love seeing you develop and grow, but it also makes me sad.  I am LOVING having you as my baby.  I wish I could freeze time and keep you in my arms forever.  Your sweet gummy grin melts my heart.  Your Dad and I smother you in kisses every day (sometimes we compete for who can give you the most kisses in a day).  We love you more than life itself!




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