7 month update

19 Aug

This has been such a busy month for our little man!! I cannot get over how quickly he is developing and learning. He is crawling, pulling up and has two teeth! It is already hard to believe that just a few short months ago he was a tiny baby who couldn’t hold his head up. It really is mind-blowing. It feels like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital, but at the same time it feels like he has been with us forever. I am sure all new parents have the same sentiment.

Weight: Liam had his 6 month check-up on June 29th and weighed 18 lbs and was 27 5/8″ long. His growth is slowing down a bit, but he is right on track with the normal growth curve.

Temperament: Liam has been a bit fussy this month. I believe that teething is playing a role in the increased fussiness. We had a couple of rough dinners on our vacation because he was cutting his second tooth while we were there! He gets pretty upset if you try to take away something he is playing with too, partiularly when it is something he shouldn’t be playing with in the first place! He is also hating diaper and clothes changes. As soon as I lay him down he starts crying and wanting to roll over on his belly. Thanks to some advice from other Moms I’ve been giving him a toy and that has helped most of the time. Other than that, Liam is such a good, easy-going baby! I think he enjoys being out and about because he is always so good. We drug him all over Charleston and Savannah and he just took it all in (and slept). He is starting to laugh more and more, which is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! His first big laughing spell happened when we were in Savannah. Jason and I were super stressed out because we were doing a trolley tour and it was SO HOT (we were all sweating like crazy). Liam was tired of being held and was squirming all over the place. It was time to feed him and we didn’t have anywhere to go for me to nurse. We walked several blocks to a big hotel (thanks Hyatt) and snuck up to some chairs by the ballrooms so that I could nurse. We were trying to cool him off and got out the portable fan. Jason touched it to his foot accidentally and Liam cracked up laughing (it has foam blades so it doesn’t hurt). He started sticking his finger in it and just laughing like crazy. He really laughed when I would stick my hand in it and say “ow!” This went on for about 15 minutes. It definitely lifted our spirits at a time when we really needed it! Since then he has had two other big laughing spells. He loves to make us smile. I just love that laugh so much! Words that describe Liam right now are determined, brave, funny, silly, happy, and strong-willed!

Activity: Boy has he been active this month! He is busy busy busy. The biggest change is he learned to crawl at the beginning of the month! He started with crawling backwards for a couple days, then started pulling himself forward with just his arms to get to his toys, then moved right on to crawling on all fours (the progression took about a week). I am amazed (and slightly terrified) that my baby started crawling at 6 months! And just 4 days shy of 7 months he pulled up on the coffee table for the first time! I can tell he is working toward standing up, but he has a ways to go. He is always in “downward dog” pose (booty high in the air)rocking back and forth. Now that he is able to get around more and more, he is also getting hurt more often. I try my best to keep him on the carpet, but he likes to be on the hardwood floor. He loses his balance, flops over and hits his head with a big thud. I try to catch him, but I can’t always move fast enough. He boohoos after he gets hurt and Mommy cuddles him til he feels better (which is the only time he will cuddle!). Needless to say, we are babyproofing as much as we can, including changing out our coffee table. He likes to play with his toys, particularly his books and his shape sorter, but mostly he just chews on things. He really prefers to play with non-toy items like iphones, remotes, magazines, shoes, etc. He is drawn to things he shouldn’t play with like wires, the fireplace, and tables he can pull over on himself (that hasn’t happend yet…the table is going to get moved soon). He definitely keeps me on my toes. I can no longer leave him unattended, even for a second, so the play pen is about to become our best friend (sorry buddy but sometimes Mommy has to tinkle). Liam is ALL boy. He loves to play rough with his Daddy. He likes being thrown in the air, crashed into pillows, pushed over on the bed, etc. He gets the biggest smiles and little giggles playing rough with Daddy. He is getting so heavy that it is hard for me to fly him around in the air! He is babbling some as well. It goes through spurts where he will talk alot and then he is quiet for a while. He is saying “mamamama” and “lalalala” now. He doesn’t say “dadadada” and “bababa” anymore.

Sleep: Little man is still sleeping well and I could not be more thankful. He sleeps from about 9:00 pm to 7:00-7:30 am. He has been waking up a little early the last couple of weeks (around 6:00-6:30), but I give him a paci and he immediately falls back to sleep. I probably should let him cry it out, but the paci works without tears. I don’t know what is causing him to wake early some days. We have started stretching out his wake time from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. It seems to be working ok. He is now napping from 9:00am-11:00 am, 1:00pm- 2:30 or 3:00pm, 4:30-5:30pm, and a short nap from 7:30-8:15pm. He is taking all his naps in the crib (when we are at home during nap time) now instead of the swing, except the last catnap! I was concerned about the transition to the crib, but I just started moving one nap a day to the crib until they were all in the crib. He really didn’t seem to care and probably gets much more rest (hm…maybe that is why he is waking up earlier in the morning). Sometimes he takes a paci during his nap and sometimes he doesn’t. He usually falls alseep without it, but sometimes wakes up after 45 minutes and I give him a paci and he falls back to sleep. We don’t do pacis at night.

Diet: Breastmilk and solids! He nurses 5 times a day for an average of 15 minutes. His first morning and bedtime nursing sessions are the longest. He now has TWO teeth! They came in about two weeks apart! The first one I didn’t even know he was getting a tooth until it appeared! They are the cutest little teeth I’ve ever seen. He is eating 3 meals a day. Last month he decided he didn’t want to eat solids anymore, so I just offered them and if he didn’t eat, we moved on with the day. Since we got back from our vacation he he has been eating pretty well at each meal. We introduced yogurt for breakfast last week and he seems to like it alot. His favorite food is sweet potatoes. He also enjoys pears and peaches. This month I need to work on introducing more foods. We also started with some finger foods this month. He has had Mum Mums (rice husks), yogurt drops, and puffs (like cheerioes made with veggies and fruit). He likes the Mum Mums, but isn’t too sure about the yogurt drops or puffs. The Mum Mums are a huge, sticky mess so I haven’t given him very many. Giving him sthese true solid foods makes me a nervous wreck. My heart just pounds every time I give him something because I am so afraid he is going to choke. I know they dissolve quickly, but I still can’t get over my fear (another reason I don’t give him much of it).

Outings: Liam is my side-kick every where I go! He has rarely been out of my care in his 7 months of life. His Mimmie watched him a lot while we were in Destin last month, but otherwise, he is with me. He is starting to ride in the shopping cart instead of staying in his carrier and that has been fun for him. He just looks around everywhere!

Clothes: Mostly 6-9 months or 6-12 month clothing. He can still wear some 3-6 month clothing if it is a brand that runs big. We were pretty well stocked with clothes through the summer, but the kid has just about outgrown all his clothes (or they will soon be out of season) so Mom has got to do some shopping!

Postpartum: I am doing well. I have recently been suffering with really bad back pain. I don’t know if it is residual pain from pregnancy or from toting around a growing baby. I am to the point where I can’t get the carrier out of the car with him in it. I also have been suffering with thrush for the past couple of weeks (it hit on our trip). I have had three bouts of mastitis and now thrush. I would say thrush is much more painful. I’m on meds and really hoping they work ASAP.

Special Events: This month he went on a big road trip with us! We went to Charolette, Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston. It was a LOT for a baby (heck it was a lot of us too) and he did beautifully. He was wonderful in the car and never fussed a bit. He was perfect when we were sightseeing around town. He lounged around the pool with us in Hilton Head and enjoyed checking out the beach! It was probably the third best week of my life (after his first week of life and our honeymoon)! He saw his first horse, rode on his first trolley, and got lots of attention from strangers. A perfect trip!

Liam, Mom and Dad love you SO much, more than you will ever know. You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We are constantly in awe of you and all that you do. You can completely melt us with one look. You have so many different smiles and we often argue over which is the cutest smile. You are so funny and you love to make us smile. I love that I can read your mind and the looks on your face. You are so expressive and what you are thinking is usually all over your face. I love how determined you are and that you look so proud when you learn something new. I cannot get over how truly amazing you are. We are so proud of you and we are so blessed to call you our son.

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”


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  1. Stacy August 19, 2013 at 6:36 PM #

    I can’t wait to get there and see you guys and all of this stuff in person. Love you and this blog!

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