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Busy Busy Week

19 Feb

I can’t believe the whole week got away from me without a post!  Not acceptable!  Work was busy and we had a few friends to entertain so we were out with friends every night this week- incredibly unusual for us since we moved.  I’m going to have to diet for a month to make up for all this eating out!  Needless to say I didn’t work on any projects this week.  Boo!  Hopefully I will have more time next week.

I wanted to share mt headboard and bench project with you.  We were lacking a headboard in one of our guest bedrooms and finally got around to making our own upholstered headboard.  

I also updated an old bench to go in the room.  This bench was originally a garden bench.  A little black paint and an upholstered top made it fit right in with our black, white, and gray bedroom. 

After living with it like this for a couple of weeks, I added an extra treatment to the headboard and bench!  I’ll show you the results of my special treatment tomorrow!!

Hope you have a great weekend!




Gorgeous Teal Desk Chair Find

5 Feb

I found the most perfect desk chair for the new office.  It is velvet damask deliciousness in teal with my absolute favorite- silver nailhead details!  I wish I could say that I had reupholstered this myself, but I didn’t.  Instead I found it at my local TJ Maxx on sale for $100!  Not too bad for the perfect chair!  And to top it off, it is comfortable too! 



More Office Update Photos

1 Feb

As promised, here are some more photos from the office update.  It still has a ways to go and I just got a gorgeous new office chair today at TJ Maxx that is not pictured! Can’t wait to show you!



Before YIKES (already removed 2 desks and a table here)

The Desk Goes "Under the Knife"

Empty Office- Beige Walls

Fresh Gray Walls! Starting to Load. My helpers are TIRED.

My new, gorgeous lamp! Now I can actually see my projects! Only $59 at Ikea! WOW

Desk one gets an uplift with white gloss paint

Desk 2 also gets updated with white paint

Desks and Cabinet loaded in

Desk turned Accent Table (still looking for the right drawer pulls)

Stopping point on Sunday

Office Sneak Peek

31 Jan

Hello and hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Jason and I spent the weekend re-doing the office. In just two days, our office went from dark desk cemetery (we had 3 old desks) to a light, modern and functional space. It is 75 percent complete at this point. I’m still trying to decide on fabrics for the curtains and other items. The curtains are going to be a big focal point in the room due to the layout (as you can see in the photo), so I’m taking my time on this decision (which could mean it will be next January before I make up my mind).   I’m also considering adding a rug to cover some of the dark brownish carpeting.

Sneak Peek photo below.  More photos to come of the room, the details, and of course the major desk overhaul.  



Revamping an Old Favorite for a New Space- Desk Remake

28 Jan

The summer before my sophmore year of college, my mom and I re-did a desk together.  It was my Dad’s old wodden desk used when he was a little boy.  We transformed it into a shabby chic white desk with a mosaic top (it is very heavy due to the mosaic).  It has been with me through many moves since that day.  Unfortunately, our summertime move to Scottsdale was pretty rough on our furniture due to the heat and a lot of my older pieces endured some damage.  The desk just isn’t holding up so well anymore.  The wood is split and the top is cracking, but I just can’t part with it.  Anyone else have nostalgia for family “heirlooms”?  However, my attachment to my crumbling desk has become a problem and has prevented us from moving forward on the office.  1. It is crumbling and cracked. 2.  We have smaller rooms in this house so it will not fit in a spare bedroom as it did before. 3.  Since it won’t fit in a bedroom, our office now has 3 desks crammed in to a small room.  THREE.  These were formerly dispersed throughout our house, but just don’t work in our new house.

Since I’m getting more and more involved with my projects, I told Jason that I really want to make our office useable instead of storage.  I want it to have the look of a fun, inspired office while having storage for all my crafting items.  He is FINALLY onboard (he has been against a “craft room” but I’ve managed to convince him it will just be a cute office… shhhhh).  So, last night we were looking around our rectangle-shaped space and the furniture currently being stored there.  Three desks and an old dining table that was my grandmothers (I inherited this when I went to lawschool, but we replaced it with a larger and sturdier table this year).  We realized some of this had to go.  The unused table was taking up precious space, so Jason suggested taking it apart.  Pure brilliance.  The legs easily came off the table and now the legs and table are resting under the bed in one of the spare bedrooms.  Then we had to start tackling the three desks.  We came up with a plan for my old, crumbling desk so that I can salvage it and turn it into something that is more versatile.  You will have to wait and see what we came up with!  Should be ready for unveiling on Monday hopefully! So exciting!

For now, here is the desk as it was, minus the drawers that I had already removed prior to snapping some photos.

This promises to be a fun weekend!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend as well!